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Faculty/Staff Members


Phone: 2601
Office: Building 5-C124

Deborah Lowe - PT, MS, MA, MTOM, PhD, L.Ac

Department Chair and Director, Professor, Physical Therapy

PhD, University of Wisconsin Madison, Neuroscience
MTOM, Emperor’s College, Masters in Traditional Oriental Medicine
MS, Duke University Durham, Physical Therapy
MA, University of Texas Austin, Kinesiology
BS, Pepperdine University Malibu, Sports Medicine


Dr. Lowe joined the Department of Physical Therapy as the Director and Chair in 2004.  Her academic training includes behavioral and basic sciences and clinical medicine.  She is a strong proponent of integrative medicine and collaborative care for optimal health and wellness outcomes and has guided the development of the Doctor of Physical Therapy program to include these elements.  She continues to expand the opportunities for integrative care with her current training in Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Research interests:  Integrative medicine in physical therapy education and practice

Courses taught in the program:

PT 410   Pathology Medical Sciences: General Systems
PT 412   Pathology/Pharmacology/Diagnostic Technology: Neurologic 
PT 441   Integrative Seminar I
PT 442   Integrative Seminar II
PT 461   PT as Educator
PT 495A   Research V: Research Development
PT 495B   Research VI: Research Development
PT 495C   Research VII: Capstone Project


Naam Yoga Therapies Training Level II – 75 hours; October, 2014 – March, 2014; Santa Monica, CA; Naam Yoga Association
Naam Yoga Therapies Training Level I – 200 hours; July 15th, 2012, Santa Monica, CA; Naam Yoga Association.
Harmonyum Level 1, Level 2 May 24-27, Level 3 October 25-28; 2012, Santa Monica, CA
Naamflexology: January 15th, 2018, Santa Monice, CA.


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Keeler J, Albrecht M, Eberhardt L, Horn L, Donnelly C, Lowe D. Diastasis Recti Abdominis: A Survey of Women’s Health Specialists for current Physical therapy clinical practice for postpartum women.  Journal of Women’s Physical Therapy.  36(3):131-142; 2012.


C. Newsam, D. Lowe, B. Adibe. A standardized patient encounter to assess movement analysis skills in DPT students as part of the neuromuscular patient management curriculum. Poster presentation at Combined Sections Meeting of the American Physical Therapy Association. Washington DC, January 23, 2019.

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