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Catherine Levitt - DBA

Instructor, Business Administration-MBA

DBA, United States International University
MBA, Pepperdine University
BA, French and Philosophy, John Carroll University


Catherine Levitt holds a BA magna cum laude in French and Philosophy from John Carroll University, a Master's degree in International Business from Pepperdine University, and a Doctorate in Business Administration in Strategic Management from United States International University. Dr. Levitt also holds another graduate degree in Southeast Asian Studies and Vietnamese Language and is a certified Commercial Contracts Negotiator.

Dr. Levitt has more than 15 years of private industry experience at an executive level as well as several years with Department of Defense.

Dr. Levitt has lived, worked and taught in China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan, France, Germany and the Czech Republic. Her particular area of interest and expertise is in the privatization process that accompanies the transition from a command economy to free-market practice. Integral to this research, is study of the changing mindset and cultural change that accompanies and underpins economic change. Interested in languages, art and cultural formation, Dr. Levitt speaks English, German, French, Japanese, Vietnamese and Chinese well and can limp along in a few other languages. She reads Spanish and Italian.

Currently, Catherine Levitt continues as Director of the Center for East-West Entrepreneurial Studies in Southern California and does consulting on privatizing industries in transitional economies. Dr. Levitt is the Representative at Large for the Americas to the Executive Council of the International Association for Chinese Management Research. She was Provost of Golden Gate University's Southern California Region from 1998-2000