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Phone: 2848
Office: Bldg. 5-C114B

Dawn-Marie Ickes - MPT, CPT, CNT

Assistant Professor, Physical Therapy

MS, Mount Saint Mary’s College, Physical Therapy
BS, Loyola Marymount University, Biology


Peer Reviewed Publications:

Howard, Brett, Dawn-Marie Ickes, Tracey Mellor and Celeste Zopich. Pilates for Children and Adolescents: Manual of Guidelines and Curriculum. Print. Handspring Publishing 2014.

Ickes, Dawn-Marie.  “The “Chain Gain”: Redefining Core Strength for Athletes.  Exercises designed to challenge the core can be valuable interventions when preventing and treating sports-related injuries.” PT Products November 2014 

Ickes, Dawn-Marie.  “Pilates, Unlimited:  Post-rehab programs present limitless opportunities for practice owners and Pilates instructors alike.”  Rehab Management January 23, 2014 

Ickes, Dawn-Marie.  “Clients Cash In On Pilates: A lucrative Pilates program can help physical therapy practices adapt, innovate, and evolve preventative wellness education.”   Rehab Management September 2, 2012.

Ickes, Dawn-Marie.  “Pilates: An Adjunct to a PT’s Practice.” Rehab Management June 7, 2009

Ickes, Dawn-Marie.  “In Control Part 1”  Posted on: May 8, 2009 | By Dawn-Marie Ickes, MPT, PMA gold certified  ADVANCE for Directors in Rehabilitation Vol. 18 • Issue 5 • Page 31

Ickes, Dawn-Marie.  “In Control Part 2”  Posted on: June 12, 2009 | By Dawn-Marie Ickes, MPT, PMA gold certified  ADVANCE for Physical Therapists and PT Assistants Vol. 20 • Issue 12 • Page 20

Ickes, Dawn-Marie. More Versatility, Small Footprint Posted on: June 1, 2008  ADVANCE for Directors in Rehabilitation Vol. 17 •Issue 6 • Page 62

Ickes, Dawn-Marie. “Restoring the Floor While Integrating the Core” - Pilates Pro - The Pulse of the Pilates Industry. 2007

Setoguchi, Y , Ickes, DM. “Traumatic Amputations in Children”, Orthopaedics 2001.

Peer Reviewed Scientific and Professional Presentations:

Presenter 2015 Balanced Body 75th Pilates on Tour

Presenter 2015 Fletcher Pilates International Conference

Panelist 2013, 2014, 2015 PMA – Pilates in the Healthcare Environment

Presenter 2014 Pilates on Tour Rehab Summit, Phoenix, AZ

Presenter 2013 Polestar International Conference:  Pilates for Balance and Fall Risk Reduction, San Diego CA

Presenter 2013 PMA:  Pilates for Balance and Fall Risk Reduction, Las Vegas, NV

Poster Presentation 2013 APTA CSM San Diego, CA

Presenter 2006-2013: Balanced Body University Rehab Summit Presenter, multiple topics.

Presenter 2012 PMA:  Pilates Research For Balance and Fall Risk Prevention, Las Vegas, NV

Presenter 2012 Pilates Round Table:  Pilates for Scapular Stabilization & Redcord Active, West Palm Beach, FL

Presenter 2011 PMA:  Pilates for Postural Perfection, Palm Desert, CA

Presenter 2010 CCAPTA:  Integrating Pilates for Wellness Throughout a Woman’s Lifespan

Presenter 2009 BASI International Conference:  Pilates for Children, South Africa

Presenter 2009 Polestar International Conference:  Pilates for Children, Brazil

Presenter 2008 Pilates Wellness and Energy:  Reformer Applications for Health Care practitioners, Pilates for Fibromyalgia, Pilates for Children, Madrid Spain

Presenter 2003-2008 PMA Conference:  Pilates for Breast Cancer, Pilates Applications for Children, Pregnancy & Postpartum Guidelines for Pilates Instructors, Pilates for Pelvic Pain and Dysfunction.

Presenter IDEA 2005:  Pilates for Pelvic Dysfunction, Las Vegas, NV

Presenter 2003-2005 BMS Conference:  Scope of Practice for Pilates Instructors

Workshops and lectures presented nationally since 1998:  Pilates and Pregnancy, Postpartum Guidelines, Pilates Applications for the Post-Mastectomy client, Functional Relationships of the Lower Kinematic Chain, Spinal Stabilization and Pilates, Pilates and the Shoulder Girdle.

Presenter 1998 ACPOC Conference:  “Post-Operative Treatment of Stump Lengthening.”