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Phone: 2723
Office: B1 #301B Doheny

Ruby Harford

Instructor, Nursing-MSN

PhD, University of San Diego
MSN, Mount Saint Mary's University Los Angeles
BSN, Mount Saint Mary's University Los Angeles


Dr. Ruby Harford is the current CEO and President of Atlantis Health Care Group (AGHP) located in the US Territory of Puerto Rico. Dr. Harford is also the Chief Compliance and Regulatory Officer of American Dialysis Holdings. In Guam, she established a dialysis company and developed a comprehensive renal healthcare system.

Harford is delighted to teach NUR 204 Healthcare Policy and is able to share her wealth of healthcare experience. She has had full immersion in the US healthcare system, how it functions, and the challenges in working with the medically underserved. In NUR 204, Dr. Harford is focusing on students acquiring a thorough knowledge of health policy in order to develop policy change at different levels: county, state, territorial, and federal. This course not only focuses on developing the nurse’s role in the planning and analysis of healthcare policies, but also teaches how to operationalize and interpret policy from a clinical, administrative, implementation, and regulatory compliance aspect.

Ruby is an alumna from the BSN and MSN programs at Mount Saint’s Mary University.

The strength of the MSN program lies within their faculty, the unique course programs aligned with contemporary and future healthcare, and their ability to adapt to the personal needs of the students without compromising educational outcomes and program integrity. The university’s faculty is comprised of an array of hand-selected personnel who are the experts within their field. They serve as role models and mentors to our future healthcare leaders especially within the wide community in which they serve.” – R. Harford