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Faculty/Staff Members


Phone: 2674
Office: Doheny Fitness Center

Lindsay Connors

Assistant Director, Sports & Wellness

Lindsay Connors began her career in Aquatics in 1997 and continued on to specialize in Aquatic Rehabilitation. She has worked in an adjunct capacity for Mount Saint Mary's University since 2004 and has worked fulltime in the Fitness Education and Sports & Wellness Department since 2007. Lindsay holds a bachelor’s degree in Biology from Mount Saint Mary's University.

Lindsay supervises the Doheny Fitness Center and student staff. When Lindsay is not swimming in the ocean she is either sleeping or taking road trips with her trusty side kick Diggary

Courses Recently Taught:
  • PED 1 - Fitness Principles
  • PED 6C - Court Sports
  • PED 6F - Field Sports and Games
  • PED 6R - Soccer
  • PED 6S - Swimming
  • PED 7B - Lifeguarding
  • SPR 85 - Introduction to College Studies