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Phone: 4305

Maritza Carranza-Fonseca

Adjunct Professor, Language & Culture

M. A. in Contemporary Latin American Literature, UCLA
B. A. in English Literature, UCLA


Prof. Fonseca presently teaches interpretation and translation, Spanish writing, and Spanish language courses at MSMU, where she has also conducted a travel abroad program to Cuba for the past several years. She received her BA in British Literature (2003) and her MA in Contemporary Latin American Literature (2007) from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Prof. Fonseca is interested in cultural and political issues, particularly the complex inner workings of the politics of power and political corruption, highlighted as “the poetics of corruption” in the Central American post-revolutionary historical novel.

Besides teaching, Maritza is passionately interested in experimental fiction writing, as well as exploring the workings of the creative mind, such as the unique ways creative people think and what makes them distinctly creative.