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Faculty/Staff Members


Phone: 4240
Office: H-431

Matthew Brosamer - PhD

Department Chair, English

PhD, University of California, Los Angeles
BA, Georgetown University


I came to Mount Saint Mary's University as a specialist in medieval and renaissance literature, and teaching in this area forms a large part of what I do here. My love of centuries-old literature was what brought me to the academic profession in the first place, so I am thrilled to have the opportunity to teach it here.

I did my undergraduate work at Georgetown University in Washington D.C., where I majored in medieval studies, with areas of concentration in literature and philosophy. My PhD is from the English Department at UCLA, where I resisted the temptation to specialize early; I worked mostly on Old and Middle English literature, but I made regular forays into 16th and 17th century literature as well. Since then, my primary focus has been on Chaucer and other English poets of the 14th century, but I’ve also published on the Archpriest of Hita (a 14th century Spanish poet!), Beowulf, Malory, and Graham Greene.

Teaching Interests

Here at Mount Saint Mary’s University, I teach certain classes for English majors on a pretty regular basis: the Shakespeare class (English 73/173), English Literature: The Beginnings of 1500 (English 143), and English Literature: 1500-1700 (English 144). I also teach lower-division classes, such as English 15 and 16, and various courses in English Composition. Even in these lower-division classes, though, my interests and enthusiasms tend to affect the reading list. If you like discussing the seven deadly sins, and would rather read Boccaccio than John Updike, you will probably like my First-year Composition class!.