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Faculty & Staff Directory

If there are any errors with your listing on the directory, please contact Katherine Liu at extension 4000 for corrections.

All 4xxx extensions have a calling prefix of: 310.954.4xxx - Chalon Campus.

All 17xx extensions have a calling prefix of: 310.954.17xx - Chalon Campus.

All 2xxx extensions have a calling prefix of: 213.477.2xxx - Doheny Campus.

All 9xxx extensions have a calling prefix of: 213.234.9xxx - Doheny Campus.

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Name Department Email Phone
Terrill, Kimberly
Community Engagementkterrill@msmu.edu2662
Thakkar, Avni
Donor Relations Manager
Institutional Advancementathakkar@msmu.edu2528
Thorne, Ana
Creative Writing, HumanitiesAThorne@msmu.edu2927
Thwaits, Kelby
Director, Instructor
Film & Television, Film, Media & Communication, Journalism & New Media, Sociologykthwaits@msmu.edu4305
Tilley, Angela
Assistant Director
Career Servicesatilley@msmu.edu2852
Tochluk, Shelly - PhD
Tonley, Jason
Part-time Instructor
Physical Therapy-Part-timejtonley@msmu.edu2600
Torkelson, Rick A.
Facilities Managementrtorkelson@msmu.edu4344/2810
Towns, Jasmine
Academic Advisor, Success Coach
Weekend Evening Collegejtowns@msmu.edu2828
Tran, Mi
Administrative Assistant, Clinical Liaison
Tran, Tanya
Senior Admission Counselor
Travis, Greg - PhD
Associate Professor, Director
Counseling Psychology, Psychologygtravis@msmu.edu2654
Tregenza, Birgit
Part-time Instructor
Trujillo, Gustavo
Sous Chef
Food Servicesgtrujillo@msmu.edu2610
Trunk, Mary
Film & Television, Film, Media & Communicationmtrunk@msmu.edu4366
Tsang, Christopher
Instructional Designer
Provost ctsang@msmu.eduext. 2885
Tucker, Camille
Collections Associate
Business Office ctucker@msmu.edu2912
Tucker, Kim
Art & Graphic
Tuttle, Sarah
Campus Ministrystuttle@msmu.edu4426/2672
Tweed Fox, Rebekah
Instruction and Outreach Librarian