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Faculty & Staff Directory

If there are any errors with your listing on the directory, please contact Katherine Liu at extension 4000 for corrections.

All 4xxx extensions have a calling prefix of: 310.954.4xxx - Chalon Campus.

All 17xx extensions have a calling prefix of: 310.954.17xx - Chalon Campus.

All 2xxx extensions have a calling prefix of: 213.477.2xxx - Doheny Campus.

All 9xxx extensions have a calling prefix of: 213.234.9xxx - Doheny Campus.

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Name Department Email Phone
Alvarez, Orlando
Counseling Psychology, Psychologyoalvarez@msmu.edu2838
Alvarez, Xochitl
Accounts Payable
Financial Servicesxalvarez@msmu.edu2837
Alvizo, Everardo
Part-time Instructor
Counseling Psychologyealvizo@msmu.edu2655
Amjadi, Laura
Financial Aid Specialist
Financial Aidlamjadi@msmu.edu4190
Amporful, Akosua Augustina
Assistant Director
Human Resourcesaamporful@msmu.edu4036
Andersen, Danielle
Lab Technician
Biological Sciencesdandersen@msmu.edu2635
Anderson, Amber
Assistant Director
Residence Life2652
Anguiano, Maria
Facilities Managementmanguiano@msmu.edu2586
Ann McElaney-Johnson, Ann
Presidents Officeamcelaney@msmu.edu4010/2525
Antoniou, Peter H.
MBA Program Advisor/Instructor
Business Administration-MBApantoniou@msmu.edu2584
Antunez, Karina
Academic Records Specialist
Registrars Officekantunez@msmu.edu4023
Anugwom, Henrietta
Lead Teacher
Child Development Centerhanugwom@msmu.edu2977
Archer, Emerald
Center for the Advancement of Womenemarcher@msmu.edu2544
Arengo-Yarnes, Lorenza - PhD
Part-time Instructor
Argueta, Michelle
Transfer Admission Counselor
Argumedo, Alexa
Graduate Intern
Student Programming/Commuter Services
Arifkhanova, Aziza
Art Gallery, Jose Drudis-Biada
Art & Graphic Design4360
Arvand, Afsane - PhD
Associate Professor
Biological Sciencesaarvand@msmu.edu4165
Ash, Patricia - PhD
Associate Professor
Global Politics, History, Humanitiespash@msmu.edu4242