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Faculty & Staff Directory

If there are any errors with your listing on the directory, please contact Maria Garcia at extension 4000 for corrections.

All 4xxx extensions have a calling prefix of: 310.954.4xxx - Chalon Campus.

All 17xx extensions have a calling prefix of: 310.954.17xx - Chalon Campus.

All 2xxx extensions have a calling prefix of: 213.477.2xxx - Doheny Campus.

All 9xxx extensions have a calling prefix of: 213.234.9xxx - Doheny Campus.

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Name Department Email Phone
Helu-Brown, Paula - PhD
Part-time Instructor
Counseling Psychology, Psychologyphelu@msmu.edu2655
Hendra, Mary
Part-time Instructor
Hernandez, Araceli
Associate Director
Media Servicesahernandez@msmu.edu2947
Hernandez, Christine
Associate Director
Women’s Leadership & Student Involvementchernandez1@msmu.edu4350
Hernandez, Edwin
Adjunct Professor
Hernandez, Evelyn
Medical Office Manager
Health Servicesemhernandez@msmu.edu2685
Hernandez, Nidia
Part-time Instructor
Hernandez-Garcia, Jaime
Assistant Director
Financial Aid, Student Financingjhernandez@msmu.edu4190
Herrera, Celene
Coordinator, Receptionist
Herring, Michael
Clinical Placement Specialist
Herring, Sherri
Associate Director of Programs and Production
DA Camera Societysherring@msmu.edu2951
Herst, Jacquelyn - PhD
Part-time Instructor
Hesse, Fehrn
Assistant Professor
Hita, Georgiana
Administrative Assistant
Hoffman, Anna
Postdoctoral Fellow
Counseling & Psychological Servicesahoffman@msmu.edu4114/2880
Hopkins, Ross - PhD
Adjunct Professor, Instructor
Business Administration, Business Administration-MBA, Health Policy and
Hotline, ASB,
Student Programming/Commuter Services4117
Housley, La Royce
Student Financinglhousley@msmu.edu4190/2562
Houston, Jaye - PhD
Religious Studies, Religious Studies-MAjhouston@msmu.edu2640
Howell, Dylan
Professional Writing Tutor, Writing Skills/Supplemental Writing Instructor
Learning Resource