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Faculty & Staff Directory

If there are any errors with your listing on the directory, please contact Maria Garcia at extension 4000 for corrections.

All 4xxx extensions have a calling prefix of: 310.954.4xxx - Chalon Campus.

All 17xx extensions have a calling prefix of: 310.954.17xx - Chalon Campus.

All 2xxx extensions have a calling prefix of: 213.477.2xxx - Doheny Campus.

All 9xxx extensions have a calling prefix of: 213.234.9xxx - Doheny Campus.

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Name Department Email Phone
Gist, Pamela - PhD
Associate in Art Programspgist@msmu.edu2545
Godoy, Nastassia
Graduate Intern
Career Services &
Goldwhite, Phil
Art & Graphic Designpgoldwhite@msmu.edu4361
Gomez, Benito
Adjunct Professor
Language & Culturebgomez@msmu.edu2861
Gomez, Laura
Assistant Director/Music Director
Campus Ministrygomez@msmu.edu4124
Gomez, Wendy
Student Accounts Associate
Student Accounts Departmentwgomez@msmu.edu2825
Gomez, Xochitl
Student Accounts Associate
Student Accounts Departmentxgomez@msmu.edu2912
Gonzales, Pamela
Sports & Wellnesspgonzales@msmu.edu4345
Gonzalez, Brian
Part-time Instructor
Gonzalez, Luz Aida
Child Development Centerlgonzalez@msmu.edu2977
Gonzalez, Mariana
Academic Advisor
Academic Advisementmgonzalez@msmu.edu2943
Gonzalez, Marissa
Academic Advisor and Testing Coordinator
Academic Advisementmgonzalez1@msmu.edu4146
Gonzalez, Patricia
Academic Advisor, Transcript Evaluator
Academic Advisementpgonzalez@msmu.edu2665
Gonzalez-Tapia, Karen
Student Life /International Student Liaison Coordinator
Student Affairskgonzalez1@msmu.edu4325
Gordon, Jim - PhD
Gordon, Robin - PhD
Director of Secondary Education
Gosselin, Keith - MBA
Assistant Professor
Business Administrationkgosselin@msmu.edu4162
Graham, Nicholas James
Part-time Instructor
Graham, Patti - RN
Student Health Coordinator
Student Health Servicespgraham@msmu.edu4110
Grajeda, Vernice
Adjunct Professor
Language & Culturevgrajeda@msmu.edu4264