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Faculty & Staff Directory

If there are any errors with your listing on the directory, please contact Katherine Liu at extension 4000 for corrections.

All 4xxx extensions have a calling prefix of: 310.954.4xxx - Chalon Campus.

All 17xx extensions have a calling prefix of: 310.954.17xx - Chalon Campus.

All 2xxx extensions have a calling prefix of: 213.477.2xxx - Doheny Campus.

All 9xxx extensions have a calling prefix of: 213.234.9xxx - Doheny Campus.

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Name Department Email Phone
Fax, Campus Ministry,
Campus Ministry4346/2833
Fax, Career Services,
Career Services4149/2687
Fax, Communications & Marketing,
Public Relations2544
Fax, Community Engagement,
Community Engagement2699
Fax, Corp. & Found.,
Fax, Counseling and Psych Services,
Counseling & Psychological Services4119/2567
Fax, D. P. T.,
Physical Therapy2609
Fax, Da Camera Society,
DA Camera Society2959
Fax, Education,
Fax, Facilities Management,
Facilities Management4349/2598
Fax, Fitness Center,
Sports & Wellness4391
Fax, Food Services,
Food Services4319/2608
Fax, Housekeeping,
Fax, Institutional Advancement,
Institutional Advancement2763/2544
Fax, ISAE,
Fax, Leadership,
Women’s Leadership & Student Involvement1744/2699
Fax, Learning Resource,
Learning Resource Center2633
Fax, Liberal Studies,
Liberal Studies2629
Fax, Library,
Fax, Mail & Copy Center Services,
Mail & Copy Center Services4438/2554