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Visiting Scholars


Bridging Cultures 

The Bridging Cultures: US/China Program brings faculty members from China to Mount Saint Mary’s University as Visiting Scholars.  They typically spend from two weeks to several months at the Mount, talking with students about life in China and explaining Chinese culture and world views.  They also participate in the life of the University, as they learn about American education, attitudes, and culture in return.  The first ten Visiting Scholars were from Nanjing University.  Others have come from our partner institutions, Gannan Normal University and Guangdong Women’s Polytechnic College.  Since 2005, Mount Saint Mary’s University and the Asian and Pacific Studies Program at Loyola Marymount University have collaborated on this program.

Mei Xiaojan (Anderson) 2016


Sun Haihong 2015

 thumb_updatedphotoofSunSun Haihong received a BA in English from Shanxi Normal University and an MA from the School of Education and Science at Shanxi Normal University. She has served as Associate Professor of English and Director of the Applied Foreign Languages Department at Guangdong Women’s Polytechnic College for the past ten years. She also has served as Associate Professor and as Vice Director of the College English Section in the School of Foreign Languages at Taiyuan University. Sun Haihong has published a number of professional papers addressing such topics as “The Construction of an All-round Cultivation Mode for Female Talents in the Women’s Vocational College,” “An Assessment of Students’ English Learning from the Perspective of Respecting Labor,” and “An Analysis Based on the Teaching Practice of Translation Workshop Applied in High Vocational Business English Translation”. During her stay at Mount Saint Mary’s University, she conducted lectures in the Business Administration Department that focused on developing a basic understanding of the Chinese language and an enhanced appreciation of Chinese culture in comparison with American values. In China, Sun Haihong supports visits to Guangdong Women’s Polytechnic College by MBA students from the Mount and facilitates communication between our institutions. 

Zhang Jing (English Name: Jean Zhang) 2014


Zhang Jing is Professor, Deputy Director of the Division of International Cooperation & Exchange at Gannan Normal University, Ganzhou, Jiangxi, China. Before traveling to the United States as a visiting scholar, Zhang directed research projects and published works focused on English education, literature, and culture. Examples of her research projects include "Under the Graded Teaching Scheme" and "A Comparison of Earnest Hemingway and Lu Xun in Terms of Spirit Unbeaten". In addition to research projects, Zhang published several articles, including "The Symbolic Meanings of “Kublai Han” and "American Cultural Imperialism in Contemporary Hollywood Movies". 


Zhang Ningjun 2012 

 Zhang Ningjun, currently a PhD candidate in management, has a Bachelor of Economics and a Masters of Business Administration from the International Business School of Nanjing University. Her publications include articles on taxation in China, reform of state-owned enterprises, and the evolution of protectionism. She has nearly twenty years of experience teaching business courses to students that include the principles of marketing, organizational behavior, and marketing research. Zhang has been a visiting lecturer at the Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand, focusing on the Chinese economy, and she has also been a short-term exchange lecturer at the Hong Kong Chinese University. Her husband is an industrial project manager, and they have a fifteen-year-old son. She grew up in Nanjing and lived a life of all work and study. Unlike her childhood, they prefer to encourage their son to have his own ideas and enjoy himself while also doing well in school.

Xu Lei 2011 

 Xu Lei, an associate professor, has a BA in English from the Foreign Affairs College and a PhD in English literature from the School of Foreign Studies, Nanjing University. She taught applied linguistics at Jinlin College of Nanjing Normal University, and in 2007 moved to Nanjing University. She has won a number of scholarships and awards including being honored as Outstanding Postgraduate at Nanjing University and winning honors for academic achievement in humanities and social sciences. Her list of publications is impressive, including several articles on literary techniques used by A. S. Byatt and Henry James. She has also had several articles published on cultural perspectives in literature. Her published translations span business, poetry, and research methods, and she has two published textbooks for integrating skills in English learning. Xu Lei is married to a professor and has a one-year-old son.

Gao Qian 2010 

 Gao Qian has a BA in English language and literature from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China, and an MA in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics from Beijing Foreign Studies University. He has been teaching translation and linguistics at Nanjing University for 18 years. Gao Qian has won several teaching awards and is writing a book on translation. Growing up primarily with his mother, a gynecologist who is still practicing at 70, he has lived in several parts of China. He has traveled widely with his family, including western parts of China and a summer in Wales while his wife worked on her PhD Their son is in upper elementary school. Gao Qian's interests range from mountain hiking to improving their apartment to learning about new cultures. He will be speaking to students on such topics as rural women's education, Chinese language, the spending and saving habits of Chinese people, and the radical changes occurring in China. He will also meet informally with many students, faculty and staff.

Liu Jiantao 2009 

 Liu Jiantao has a BA in English language and literature and an MA in Applied Linguistics in English from Nanjing University. She has taught English majors many different subjects for 15 years and has also taught Mandarin to Hong Kong teacher credential candidates. Her father teaches philosophy in a university, and her mother teaches Chinese in high school. She has traveled extensively in China to such historic places as Confucius's home and to western provinces. She has an eleven-year-old son, and her husband's parents are peasants with many children and plenty of family gatherings. She talked to students here about Chinese medicine, the nature of the Chinese language, family relationships in changing China, and many other topics.

He Ning 2008 

 He Ning, a Senior Visiting Scholar, is an associate professor in the English Department, School of Foreign Studies at Nanjing University. He has coordinated the Mount Saint Mary’s University/Nanjing University email exchange program for students for several years, and gave a presentation about it at the 2008 Academic Consortium 21 International Forum in Raleigh, North Carolina. Entitled "Learn a Foreign Culture through E-Communication," he proposed the program as an effective model for enhancing intercultural communication and understanding via the Internet. He Ning is vice-chair of the undergraduate English program at Nanjing University and teaches English prose and British and American literature. He has been a recipient of a grant from the U.S. National Endowment for the Arts and an Excellent Course award from the Chinese Ministry of Education. He has also been a Fulbright scholar in the US and a visiting scholar at Cardiff University in Wales. He Ning holds a PhD from Nanjing University.

Fan Hao 2008 

 Fan Hao has a BA in Russian and an MA in English from Beijing Foreign Studies University. At Nanjing University she has taught intensive English reading, listening, and phonetics for five years. She also advises the English Department Drama Club and the Shakespeare Club whose students won second prize in the China University of Hong Kong international festival. Fan Hao recently coordinated and brought to the stage a cross-cultural production developed jointly by Chinese and Japanese students. The purpose of this year-long project was to heal the animosity between the two cultures caused by the Nanjing Massacre, when Japanese soldiers carried out a month-long genocide against Nanjing citizens. With her guidance the students wrote and performed the play in both countries. Fan Hao visited Russia, Japan, Inner Mongolia, has traveled widely in China. She has recently been married in a wedding filled with ancient traditions.

Yang Jin 2007 

 Yang Jin has an MA in Applied Linguistics from Nanjing University and is half way through her PhD program. Her BA was in English language and literature. She has taught in the English Department of Nanjing University since 1993, teaching everything from basic English to academic communication for PhD students. She has also taught conversational Chinese to teacher trainees from Hong Kong who must learn the standard Chinese language, Mandarin. She has published articles on such topics as anxiety in language learning and use of the internet in academic communication. Yang Jin grew up and went to school in Jishou in the western part of Hunan Province, a remote area. She is from the Tujia minority. (The majority of Chinese are Han.) Yang Jin has a daughter in the first grade who has her own blog.

Yu Zhenyou 2006 

 Yu Zhenyou is the first Senior Visiting Scholar brought to MSMU by the Bridging Cultures: US/China Program. His expertise is in Early Childhood Education with sub-specialties in bilingual education for young children and early childhood teacher education. An associate professor at China Women’s University in Beijing, he helps preschools to develop interactive literacy learning and to devise means for teachers to make use of more student-centered curricula. He received his PhD from Nanjing Normal University where he also taught, and recently completed a post-doctoral assignment at Beijing Normal University. While in Los Angeles, Yu Zhenyou talked with Early Childhood educators, visited preschools, and presented a paper at the National Reading Conference. He comes from a village in Anhui Province, and continues to work with the schools there. He is married and has a teenage son who is fluent in English.

Wang Yan 2006

 Wang Yan holds two Masters degrees, one in Applied Linguistics, the other in Business Administration. Her BA in English was from the International Studies University. She worked for a U.S. firm in China for several years and then decided to make a professional move to a university. She is director of a program in the School of Foreign Languages at Nanjing University that oversees business students and professionals who earn their degree with a specialty in English. She teaches in both the English Department and the Department of International Business Communication both in traditional and on-line classes. She had several articles published about English teaching and business management at the time of her visit. She is married and has a two-year old daughter.

Yu Xi 2005

 Yu Xi completed her B.A at Nanjing University in English Language and Literature and an MA in Applied Linguistics. She was completing the second year of a PhD when she visited Mount St. Mary’s. Her first year in graduate school she organized a national symposium for teachers from 50 universities and colleges on using the Internet and multimedia for education. By 2005 she had published several articles about the internationalization of English. The English Department had sponsored her attendance at a Ministry of Education teacher-training course in Beijing, and she spent a semester doing research in Guangzhou. She has been the recipient of several teaching-excellence awards. She loves to travel for pleasure.

Zhou Dandan 2003

 Zhou Dandan, whose English name is Christina, was an instructor in English at Nanjing University for 10 years at the time of her visit. She earned her BA in English and an MA in Applied Linguistics, and was accepted to the Nanjing University PhD program shortly before being chosen as the Bridging Cultures Visiting Fellow. She had been teaching Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing in English for English majors. Nanjing University selected her to participate in a Mandarin training course at a Hong Kong university and to carry out library research related to English language teaching. At the time of her selection she had completed three publications about teaching and using English. She is married and has a young son.

Wang Wenyu 2002

 Wang Wenyu, whose English name is Wendy, completed her B.A degree in English at Nanjing University and a PhD in the Teaching of English to non-native speakers. She became a full-time faculty member in Fall 2000. She was selected by both Mount Saint Mary’s University and Nanjing University as the woman faculty member most able to help launch the Visiting Fellow Program. Dr. Wang was an instructor at Nanjing University throughout her graduate studies. After receiving her PhD she took on many departmental responsibilities such as becoming assistant director of the Oral English Test Center which is in charge of the test for all English majors in China. Before coming to the United States she was selected by Nanjing University several times to carry out library research in Hong Kong and collaborate with faculty there.