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LA Cultural Events

TRANSPACIFIC BORDERLANDS September 17, 2017- February 25, 2018 @ Japanese American Museum

Japanese American National Museum

100 N. Central Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90012

(213) 625-0414

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday–Sunday: 11 A.M.–5 P.M.

Thursday: 12 P.M.–8 P.M.

Admission: Adults $10; Seniors $6; Free admission Thursdays 5-8pm & 3rd Thursday

Transpacific Borderlands: The Art of Japanese Diaspora in Lima, Los Angeles, Mexico City, and São Paulo will examine the experiences of artists of Japanese ancestry born, raised, or living in either Latin America or predominantly Latin American neighborhoods of Southern California. Their methods of making art are diverse, from traditional to experimental, and the work itself illustrates perspectives of the Japanese Latin American experience directly, metaphorically, and/or abstractly. The exhibition will show how homeland, ethnic communities, racial mixing, and cosmopolitanism inform the creativity and aesthetics of this hybrid culture. It will also provide a visual record of contemporary Japanese Latin American art and contribute to the understanding of identity in a world where the meaning of race and ethnicity are constantly evolving.

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