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Interesting Resources

Radical Math

Radical Math is a resource for educators interested in integrating issues of social and economic justice into their math class and curriculum. It offers access to over 700 lesson plans, articles, guides, and other resources to help being these issues into classrooms.

Radical Math believes that it is possible to teach math from a social justice perspective and at the same time cover state and national standards, prepare students for standardized tests and allow for the exploration of mathematical ideas on abstract, theoretical, experimental and artistic levels. Radical Math is committed to making sure classrooms are places that are nurturing for all students, that celebrate different cultures, histories, and styles of learning, and that reflect the just societies we are hoping to bring about through our own lives and teaching practices.


EdChange offers a variety of projects and resources, workshops and consulting services, and scholarship grounded in equity and social justice in schools and communities. EdChange is dedicated to diversity and equity in schools, organizations, communities, society. EdChange acts to shape schools and communities in which all people, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, class, (dis)ability, language, or religion, have equitable opportunities to achieve to their fullest and to be safe, valued, affirmed, and empowered.

Teaching for Change 

Teaching for Change provides teachers and parents with the tools to create schools where students learn to read, write and change the world.

Teaching for Change operates from the belief that schools can provide students the skills, knowledge and inspiration to be citizens and architects of a better world — or they can fortify the status quo. By drawing direct connections to real world issues, Teaching for Change encourages teachers and students to question and re-think the world inside and outside their classrooms, build a more equitable, multicultural society, and become active global citizens.

Education for Liberation Network 

The Education for Liberation Network is a national coalition of teachers, community activists, researchers, youth and parents who aim to bringing people together to learn from each other’s experiences. The network provides a space for members to share knowledge and work together to create tools for liberatory education. By building alliances that cross the boundaries of geography, occupation and age we hope to nurture communities of thoughtful, socially-engaged people and to maximize the impact of their work.

The Education for Liberation offers an online research database, a virtual community and an online “laboratory” for finding, discussing and developing social justice teaching materials. The lab features a searchable curriculum database that allows you to find materials, post your own or comment on others. They also publish the lab report, a monthly summary of the materials that are posted and host an occasional discussion series called "Talkin’ Bout."


Read what our colleagues at Facing History and Ourselves are writing in response to the new Education documentary:
Waiting for Superman

A useful guide on engaging and connecting parents and schools, it's created by Edutopia and it's free!

The Zinn Education Project provides over 80 free downloadable teaching articles and lessons for teaching a people's history. Many of the lessons began as Rethinking Schools articles. The site also features recommendations for films, fiction and non-fiction books, teaching guides, songs and poems, posters, and websites — all searchable by theme and time period. The Zinn Education Project is a collaboration between Rethinking Schools and Teaching for Change.