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Cultural Fluency Initiatives

Larkin Ethics Lecture Series April 10 & 11, 2017

Larkin Ethics Lecture Series

By Dr. José Mendoza

Author of The Moral and Political Philosophy of Immigration

Co-editor Radical Philosophy Review

Assistant Professor of Philosophy, University of Massachusetts, Lowell


Event sponsored by the Philosophy Department

All lectures free and open to the public.


Lecture 1- Latinxs and the Future of Whiteness in American Democracy

Monday April 10 10:20 am- noon in the Chalon Art Gallery


Demographic changes driven primarily by the growth in the Latinx community suggest that the U.S. will become a “minority-majority” country by around 2050. Professor Mendoza will argue why we should be suspicious of this claim and what that might entail for our democracy.


Lecture 2: Crimmigration: The Injustice of Criminalizing Migration

Tuesday April 11 9:40-11:10 am Donohue Center


Opponents of immigration have often overlooked some key injustices that can only be remedied through a more robust conception of immigrant rights. Professor Mendoza will argue that one of those overlooked areas is the recent phenomenon of “crimmigration.”


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