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Student Spotlight

Paola Franco

Career Services helped me build and enhance my resume.

Paola Franco

My name is Paola Franco and I am a second year student pursuing a degree in Sociology. I began my internship with Niños Del Cielo Inc. this summer. Niños Del Cielo is a home based early intervention program that provides children with disabilities, from birth to three years of age, and their families a “Whole Family Approach”.

I am currently the administrative assistant. Aside from assisting with regular office work, my responsibility is to write evaluation reports that are sent out to the child’s social worker and family. These reports measure and detail the child’s current level of ability within six different areas of development. I am also given experience in the field. I go out with a Development Specialist to conduct family intakes in which we help determine the child and family’s needs and identify what services are appropriate for the child as a client and the family as a whole. Though this field focuses on child development, I am able to attain the sociological perspective. It is a learning and fulfilling experience to work with such a diligent and compassionate team.

Career Services prepped me by helping me build and enhance my resume. They aided me with the right tools and building blocks to be career ready. Career Services is more than a great resource; they pave the way for us students to achieve success in the professional field by setting out job fairs and bringing in employers. This team is always willing to work with students during and after the interview process. They helped instill confidence in me and guided me in being successful in the first interview I went out to. I was able to work one-on-one with Marcy who geared me every step of the way; from searching for an internship, to preparing for the interview, to thanking the employer for the opportunity. They are a very supportive team!

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