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Program Goals & Outcomes

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Mount Saint Mary’s University has a culture of assessment.  This means

  • Community members share a common commitment to improving student learning and a common language to guide this work
  • Students know at the outset what their expected learning outcomes are for the course, the major or program, and the general studies curriculum.
  • Faculty and staff continually assess the nature and extent of student learning.
  • Lessons about student learning inform curricular, pedagogical, and administrative decisions.
  • The goal of assessment efforts at MSMU is to improve teaching and learning.
  • The overall results of student performance will be available to students, faculty, staff and other interested parties on College webpages.


  1. Students’ knowledge and development of etiquette will expand by attending our annual Etiquette Dinner.
  2. Students who attend the Job & Internship Fair will gain work experience of some kind (i.e. volunteer, job shadow, intern, part-time or full-time work) based on networking with a professional contact at the Fair.
  3. SPR 18 students’ career competencies and professional growth will strengthen based on course completion.
  4. Students’ knowledge of how to be an effective interviewer will increase after attending “The InterVIEW” workshop.