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Course Requirements

AS in Pre-health Sciences

The Fully Online Pre-Health Science Program is designed for students who wish to pursue studies which prepare them for a healthcare-related profession. The Pre-Health Science Program provides the student with the opportunity to take general education requirements and preparatory courses for programs in the health sciences. Students completing the Fully Online Pre-Health Science Program requirements will receive an Associate in Science degree.

Students interested in eventually enrolling in one of Mount Saint Mary's University Pre-Nursing or Nursing programs should be aware that admission to Mount Saint Mary’s University does not constitute admission to the Nursing program. Admission to the nursing programs is highly competitive, and the Admission Committees strongly suggest achieving a GPA above the minimum required for consideration.

Health Science Program should complete all nursing prerequisite requirements with a grade of C or better.

Required Courses

Required Program Courses

SPE 10*  Introduction to Communication 
PSY 1* Introduction to Psychology 
PSY 12* Lifespan/Human Development 3
BIO 3* General Microbiology 3
BIO 3L* General Microbiology Lab  1
BIO 5* Life Sciences 3
BIO 50A* Human Anatomy 3
BIO 50AL* Human Anatomy Laboratory 1
BIO 50B* Human Physiology 3
BIO 50BL* Human Physiology Laboratory 1
PHS 1* Scientific Concepts 3
SPR 70 Careers in Health 1

Required LACE Courses

ENG 1A* First-year English 3
ENG 1B* First-year English 3
MTH 10* Quantitative Reasoning and Mathematical Ideas 3
PHI 10* Critical Thinking 3
SOC 1* Introduction to Sociology 3
RST 41 Introduction to Christian Ethics 3
  Total Credit Hours 45

*Pre-requisites for A.D.N.

**Students who wish to complete the AS in Pre-health Sciences degree must complete all courses listed above, plus electives totaling 60-semester units.