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Pre-Health Sciences


*Nursing Requirements vary from state to state. Some of these careers may require further areas of study, education, or training.

The Pre-Health courses are designed for students who wish to pursue studies which prepare them for a healthcare-related profession. These courses provide students with the opportunity to take general studies requirements and preparatory courses for programs in Nursing and other health-care related fields. The courses are designed to provide the student with the opportunity to consider career alternatives. Students completing these courses will not receive a degree in Nursing.

**Students who wish to apply to Mount Saint Mary's University Pre-Associate Nursing Program or Associate Degree Nursing Program on the ground campus after completing MSMU Onlines Associate in Pre-Health Sciences Pre-requisite courses must apply via the A.D.N Nursing Program Change Application 

***Admission into the AS in Pre-health Sciences degree does not guarantee admission into MSMU Nursing programs.