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What Types Of Students Go To Mount Saint Mary's University, Los Angeles Online?

Our students come from a variety of backgrounds, but what they have in common is the desire to go to school and the need to do so online. Our students are all high school graduates who may or may not have gone to college before - they are recent high school graduates and working adults.

When Is The Admissions Deadline?

Classes start every 8 weeks. It is best to have completed the admissions process at least one week before the term start. Work closely with your Admissions Counselor and Financial Aid Advisor to make sure you have completed everything in time.

Where Do I Have My Official Transcripts Sent To?

Official transcripts come in a sealed envelope directly from the school. It is easiest to have your official transcripts sent directly from your previous school to our Admissions Department at:

Mount Saint Mary’s University, Los Angeles Online
10 Chester Place
Mailbox 79
Los Angeles, CA 90007

Can I Transfer Credits From Another College To Mount Saint Mary's University, Los Angeles Online?

Yes. The number of transferable credit hours depends on your degree program.  Please check with your admissions counselor for specific information.  We must have official transcripts in order to tell you what transfers from your previously attended schools.

Are All Classes Online? Do I Have To Travel Anywhere To Attend Classes?

Our classes are 100% online. You will not need to travel anywhere to attend classes. We have students from California, Colorado, and beyond!

Will I Be Able To Interact With My Classmates And Teacher?

Yes. Online learning is highly effective because there is a higher need for communication between students and teachers. The learning environment at Mount Saint Mary's University, Los Angeles Online is connected and collaborative. You will participate in meaningful, real-world assignments, and gain experience that you can apply outside of the classroom towards your career.

Do I need to come to the campus to attend class or submit my assignments?

No, all courses are held entirely online.

*with the exception of some program requirements, please contact your admissions adviser.

May I take courses on campus at MSMU while attending the MSMU Online program?

If you would like to take courses on campus, just inform your Success Coach.

Do I need strong computer skills to attend MSMU Online?

You need basic computer skills in order to navigate our systems. Our students come to us with a variety of computer skills. Our online learning platforms are designed to be user-friendly.

I am interested in a program that is not currently offered online.

We are constantly exploring new on-line degree programs to add to MSMU Online. If you are interested in a program that is not currently offered, feel free to share your feedback.

I have transfer credits, will I be required to repeat classes I have already taken?

Once you provide us with your official transcripts from all schools attended, we will conduct an official evaluation. This evaluation will allow us to provide you with an accurate assessment of credits that can be transferred into MSMU.