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Women’s Leadership Launches Student-Run Podcast

Erika McKissick '22 hosts a new student-run podcast, "Uncommon Women for an Uncommon Time."

March 29, 2021

Students at Mount Saint Mary’s University are all called to lead, but what does it mean to be a leader? How do you become one? 

Launched in March by Women’s Leadership and Student Engagement, a new student-run podcast, “Uncommon Women for an Uncommon Time,” covers these questions and more via interviews with students, professors and staff who share how they are implementing the Mount’s Four Core Principles

“The podcast centers around the Four Core Principles of Mount Leads and looks closely at what that entails and what leadership looks like,” says host Erika McKissick ’22, a film, media and social justice major. 

The University’s belief is that leadership comes in many forms and is not one size fits all. Season one of the podcast already offers a window into various ways one can lead not only on campus but in one’s community. 

“This first season is about affirming to yourself that, ‘Yes, I am a leader,’ and sharing the ways that you can affirm that you are a leader, that you can believe in yourself and shine a light on others and uplift your community. We’ve already talked a lot about leadership ideas in this season,” says McKissick. 

Erika McKissick '22 is the host of a new Mount podcast,
Erika McKissick '22 is the host of a new Mount podcast, "Uncommon Women for an Uncommon Time."

Among the nine episodes that make up the first season is a conversation about ethical decision-making as a leader with Angelica Crispin ’21, a political science and global politics major who has served as president of the Student Government Association, and Shannon Green, director of the CSJ Institute. Green was appointed as the Institute’s first director and brings a wealth of experience in directing University spiritual and pastoral outreach and volunteer programs. 

“I think ethics recognizes that we don't live in this world alone, that we're not in a vacuum. Our decisions impact other people, impact the world, the environments and the systems around us,” said Green in episode two, “Being an Ethical Athenian.” “What I love about being part of the Mount community and our CSJ tradition is that it does recognize that everything we do has an impact on who they would call the dear neighbor.” 

The second season is already underway with new guests, including Mount President Ann McElaney-Johnson. 

“We talked a lot about what we would tell our past selves and what we’ve learned so far about leadership, as well as some CSJ history — the founding history of the University. It was a great, well-rounded conversation, and it’ll be included in the second season,” says McKissick. 

As the host, McKissick says she wants the podcast to serve as a platform to amplify the Mount message of building leadership and understanding the value of unity. 

“After tuning in, I hope people leave knowing that, ‘Yes, I’m surely powerful. I can do what I set my mind to’ and that the sky is the limit,” McKissick adds. 


Listen to “Uncommon Women for an Uncommon Time” wherever you listen to podcasts.