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That word is more than just a tagline. It’s how our students define themselves.

September 11, 2019

Unstoppable. That word encapsulates Mount Saint Mary’s personality. It reflects our students’ determination to succeed, our alums’ passion for leadership, and the community’s commitment to excellence. It draws the next generation of change makers. It inspires, challenges and empowers. It transforms lives.

As we near the five-year anniversary of Mount Saint Mary’s transition to a University, we are embarking on a marketing campaign that will showcase our students’ unstoppable spirit.

The following stories show some of the faces of the campaign. We asked our students what makes them unstoppable. As one of them says, it’s “doing the impossible.” 

girl smiling in flowersElizabeth-Victoria Shokoya ’19 never gives up. “What makes me unstoppable is the ability to keep trying for something even though I have failed. During my college career I have fallen often but I never let those falls deter me from my goal. I just get up and keep going. Even though things might become difficult and it seems like it is impossible there is always a way to overcome it.”

Her professors encouraged her to do things she thought were not meant for her, such as attending graduate school. Now  she’s dreaming big — after getting her master’s degree, she will attend medical school to become a neonatologist.

Biochemistry major, international relations minor
Currently attending USC for a master’s in public health

girl in black shirt smiling with mountains in backgroundRocio Cruz ‘19 knew she made the right choice when she transferred from a public university to major in film and media through the Mount’s Weekend/Evening College program. “It has been a transformative experience entering an atmosphere of empowerment at MSMU. What makes me unstoppable is my determination and independence,” she says. As a filmmaker,  “I would like to make films and TV shows that debunk the stereotypes of minorities. I want to see young, strong women like myself on TV!”

Film and media major


woman in blue smilingWhen Vivian Slu ‘21 was a child, she believed that being unstoppable meant that “if somebody can do it, then I can do it.” Now Slu knows it takes more than that: “It’s not just about being able to do what others can do; it’s about exceeding expectations, being open-minded, and most of all being yourself. Nothing is really impossible if you truly set your mind to it.“ 

Her vision as a future lawyer is to create change in the criminal justice system, particularly in wrongful conviction cases, and to help people through social reform.

Political science and philosophy major,
pre-law minor
Honors Scholar

girl in purple shirt smiling with yellow backgroundThe Mount taught Chidozie Umekwe-Odudu ’20 to boldly and respectfully challenge the status quo. “I am unstoppable because I am bold and not afraid to take chances. I recognize the power within me. As a Mount Saint Mary’s student, I have been challenged to let my voice be heard and to use my God-given talent to help others,” she says.

Her ultimate goal is to start a nonprofit organization that will provide medical care to remote villages across the world.

Nursing major
Leadership scholar

girl in black with braids with red backgroundIt takes a community to keep Nishat Salsabil ‘23 unstoppable. “The Mount is constantly preparing me and reminding me that nothing is impossible, and to go make a difference, to do what I desire. I am unstoppable in whatever I wish to pursue,” she says. She is a humanitarian “down to the core” and someday wants to be an advocate for women struggling with discrimination or oppression.  

Pre-nursing major
Senator, Student Government Association


girl with backpack standing beside of arriving metro train

For Texas native Georgia Aguilar ‘20, being unstoppable means rising above obstacles and challenges life throws her way. “Being unstoppable means allowing yourself to move on from your mistakes, hardships, and setbacks, and to learn from those experiences so that, eventually, you can help others learn, too,” says Aguilar, who plans to attend law school then work in the field of humanitarian aid. 

Global politics major
Head Resident Assistant


girl in black blazer with blue top smilingAt the Mount, Rosa Barrera ’21 discovered a deeper understanding of feminism, culture and self-care. “Knowing myself, knowing my roots, and acting accordingly makes me unstoppable,” she says. Barrera’s dream is to establish a holistic health center for women of color.

Applied psychology major