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The new members of the Alumnae Association Board of Directors

Three new members join the 15-person board

April 1, 2022

The MSMU Alumnae Association welcomed three new board members to its 2021-2022 Board of Directors.

Jenelle Benoit ‘99, MBA, Brenda Lopez ‘06, EdD, and Eunice Salinas ‘09 have joined the 15-member board, which serves as an advisory board to the Alumnae Association and University in providing guidance and support to implement programs and services. Read on to find their one common theme to success. 

The Mount's newest Alumnae Association board members (from left to right): Jenelle Benoit '99, Brenda Lopez '06 and Eunice Salinas '09
The Mount's newest Alumnae Association board members (from left to right): Jenelle Benoit '99, Brenda Lopez '06 and Eunice Salinas '09

Get to know them:

Q: What is your profession?

Benoit: I’m a marketing and communications strategy consultant leading Fortune 500 companies with marketing projects through Accenture Interactive. Learning to stand out in a large space even with a small footprint is something I learned while attending the Mount.

Lopez: I’m the chief external officer at Magnolia Public Schools with over 15 years in education empowering educational partners as leaders in learning and life. While at the Mount, I was the recipient of the Rockefeller Brothers Fellowship Award. This opportunity exposed me to a variety of valued opportunities. Most importantly, the value of networking and building a positive connection with mentors across the scope of life experiences. This prepared me for my career because it taught me the value of connection and partnerships — because together we are powerful.

Salinas: I’m a tax specialist. I took advantage of internal and external networking opportunities while at Mount Saint Mary’s.


Q: As an Alumnae Association board member, what do you hope to accomplish during your term?

Benoit: I hope to build on the reputation of the Mount and ensure the students and faculty can proudly share their affiliation. Raising the school's profile and engagement with the community is paramount for me.

Lopez: As a first-year member, I want to learn how I can contribute to the collective experience and welcome more alumnae to find their way back home to the Mount.

Salinas: We have many accomplished alumnae and it would be great to bring all those experiences to help develop students while also mutually benefitting the alumnae. Mentoring is a privilege and a joy; I would love to see an increase in this area during my time as a board member.


Q: What advice would you offer a student that you wish someone had told you upon graduation?

Benoit: Networking as your authentic self early on will take you farther than you can imagine.

Lopez: Cherish the Mount experience because there are very few places like it. You never know when the bond of sisterhood will come in handy.

Salinas: No one expects you to be perfect; just try your best, learn from your mistakes and apologize when you have to (not at every mistake). If I could add one more: pay off your student loan early so you can start enjoying your income sooner.


Lightning round

Q: What do you like to do in your free time?

Benoit: Pre-pandemic I enjoyed traveling to Europe and the Middle East. These days I enjoy dancing and reading.

Q: How do you build your professional network?

Lopez: I built my network by listening to how people help others and how I can be a part of the mission. I love helping people grow, and as a collective force, a network is powerful beyond measure.

Q: What is one of your favorite memories during your time at the Mount?

Salinas: Some of my favorite memories include being mentored by respected professors such as Anne Rigone or Keith Gosselin, as well as breaks in my class schedules where I could connect with friends and catch up on life.

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