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Students Add Co-Author Accomplishment

April 2, 2020

Celeste Tobar ‘19, Regina Cordova ‘18 presenting at the “Practical Applications of NMR in Industry” Conference
Celeste Tobar ‘19, Regina Cordova ‘18 presenting at the “Practical Applications of NMR in Industry” Conference

Two prestigious journals have new entries from Mount Saint Mary’s University, and Mount students can add co-author to their list of accomplishments, thanks to professors Deniz Cizmeciyan-Papazyan and Eric Stemp.

Deniz Cizmeciyan-Papazyan, professor of chemistry and chair of the mathematics department, along with former mathematics faculty Joshua Helston, in collaboration with Dr. Alan Benesi, professor emeritus from The Pennsylvania State University who provided the data and the theory, led student research on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (the process underlying MRI) using mathematics notebooks. Students Celeste Tobar ’19, Regina Cordova ’18, Tricia Solomon ’17, Kristine Palombo ‘15 and Gladys Olivares ’16 conducted computer simulations to learn how water moves in gypsum, an important mineral. This work showcases the collaboration between the chemistry and mathematics departments and included chemistry, mathematics and biochemistry students.  

Their results were published in an article “Water Dynamics in Deuterated Gypsum, CaSO4.2D2O” article in the Journal of Magnetic Resonance in 2020. 

Chemistry professor Dr. Eric Stemp, the Loring-Denault Endowed Chair in Chemistry, directed the undergraduate research that contributed to the article “Glutathione Directly Intercepts DNA Radicals to Inhibit Oxidative DNA-Protein Cross-Linking Induced by the One-Electron Oxidation of Guanine,” published in the journal Biochemistry last November.

Mary Safaeipour ‘17, Juliette Jauregui ‘17, Sarah Castillo ‘17, Mary Bekarian ‘17, Diana Esparza ‘16, and Maritza Sanchez ‘17 executed experiments that demonstrate how the sulfur-containing antioxidant glutathione can directly stop oxidation of DNA, helping to protect our genome.