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Student Awarded Scholarship

The American Physical Therapy Association has awarded a scholarship to Mount student Kirsten Hee.

December 2, 2019

Kirsten Hee
Kirsten Hee

The American Physical Therapy Association has awarded a scholarship to Mount student Kirsten Hee ’21 to attend the association’s 2020 Combined Sections Meeting Conference. The annual conference is the largest physical therapy convention in the nation.

As one of only two scholarship recipients selected to attend the conference, Hee will participate in the event’s diverse, forward-thinking programming. She also will get an opportunity to engage in interactive sessions featuring some of the profession’s leading educators. 

Hee, who co-leads the Student Outreach Committee for the Mount’s Doctoral of Physical Therapy (DPT) Program, applied for the scholarship through an essay application process. The association’s Healthcare Administration section nominated Hee because of her activism in helping Mount students become healthcare policy advocates.

“It’s nice to be selected because it’s a great way to keep our university in the public eye and let others know how we’re making a difference,” said Hee. “It’s also a way to learn about healthcare issues that are affecting our profession.”

Hee revealed that she was motivated to become a healthcare policy advocate after experiencing bias comments while working in physical therapy for a former employer. “Since then, I’ve been looking for ways to support physical therapists, including LGBTQ individuals working in healthcare.”

Dr. Deborah Lowe, DPT Director and Chair, says that she feels that Hee is the right choice to serve as a student representative at the conference. “Kirsten has a history of political advocacy and leadership in this profession,” said Dr. Lowe. “She’s keeping our students abreast of healthcare policies on the state level that will impact our profession and patients.”

The 2020 Combined Sections Meeting Conference will be held in February in Denver, Colorado. The conference is expected to draw 13,000 physical therapy professionals from more than 30 countries.