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Sixty Four Reasons to Feel Inspired

Eddie Loussararian’s motivational messages provide the impetus for his latest book.

March 14, 2021

For 18 years, Eddie Loussararian worked as the director of training for a flooring company. But it wasn’t until 2018 that he began to notice a decline in company morale and productivity.

“Employees were doing the work of multiple people with very little recognition or upward mobility,” he says. “I sensed that the motivation to work harder and make today better than yesterday was no longer there.”

Loussararian, who teaches in the business administration department, began sharing motivational quotes and written anecdotes with staff based on his personal experiences. One that was near and dear to his heart was a conversation he had with his dying father. Business professor Eddie Loussararian's book,

“He told me he was leaving me something more important than money; he was leaving me a reputable name,” says Loussararian. “And it’s my responsibility to carry that name forward and use it to leave a better footprint in the world.”

His writing resonated with employees, and he began emailing “life hacks” to them every Friday. When he was laid off from the flooring company resulting from the pandemic, he had written a total of 64 life hacks — the foundation for his book, “64 Life Hacks for Success,” published in April 2020.

“I wrote the book like a weekly devotional so that the reader has time to implement the principles I’m teaching,” Loussararian explains. “The recommended way to read this book is to find a story that resonates with you in that moment.”

Readers are taking Loussararian’s advice to heart. “It’s a meditation piece for me,” wrote one Google reviewer. “I’ll pick a hack to read for a day and then reflect. It’s been empowering and a great tool for anyone trying to find something inspiring and based on real experience.”

In addition to his classes at the Mount, Loussararian teaches at Mount San Antonio College and is an adjunct professor of management and leadership at National University. When he isn’t teaching, Loussararian conducts seminars in leadership, sales training, communications and time management.

His first book, “When Bosses Go Wild,” offers supervisors and employees techniques to build morale and make the work environment less toxic. Both books are available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle versions.