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New Club Supports Wellness

November 14, 2019

Coach Radenko Miskovic is surrounded by running club members at a recent open meet.
Coach Radenko Miskovic is surrounded by running club members at a recent open meet.

To support wellness among campus students, the Mount launched a new running club in late August. The non-competitive running club motivates students to move more while helping them improve their individual athletic goals. The running club is co-ed and open to all Mount students, regardless of their athletic background.

“The focus of our club is growing the individual athlete, whether their goal is to improve their marathon race time or crossing the finishing line of their first 5k,” said Mark Spellmire, Associate Director of MSMU Sports and Wellness. “A student’s success in the club is not based on the outcome of a race or game score, but rather by their personal growth and achievement.”

While the running club does not compete against other colleges, the club participates in various marathons and open meets throughout Los Angeles. Still, Spellmire says that club members are encouraged to measure their success by their ability to improve their personal bests. “Even though races are done on an individual level, we help athletes push themselves to meet their own personal goals,” said Spellmire. 

To lead the running club, athletic trainer Radenko Miskovic was brought on board over the summer to coach the students. His wealth of experience in both running and physical health enables him to teach students the tenets of sportsmanship as well as overall wellness. “The idea was to create a running club that helped students become healthier by moving more,” said Miskovic. “Many students neglect physical activity, so we’re addressing how to achieve fitness through recreational running and nutrition education.”

The Mount’s running club currently meets at the Doheny Campus Fitness Center every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 4:30-6 pm, and Thursday 3:30-5 pm. The running club based on the Chalon Campus will re-open in January 2020. For more information on the running club, please email