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MSN Student Receives CACN Scholarship

Ms. Britteney Guinhawa (MSN) was awarded the CACN Nursing Education Scholarship.

January 24, 2020

Britteney Guinhawa
Britteney Guinhawa

Ms. Britteney Guinhawa, a current student in the Master of Nursing Program-Edu., was awarded the CACN Nursing Education Scholarship. The California Association of Colleges of Nursing (CACN) Scholarships are awarded to nursing students who are in or are preparing for the role of nurse educator. Ms. Guinhawa was one of four recipients of the scholarship.

Ms. Guinhawa, currently works as a charge nurse on a surgical unit. In this role she provides holistic care for post-operative and medical-surgical patients. As a chairperson from the surgical unit’s Unit Based Council (UBC), Ms. Guinhawa actively collaborates with other staff members in improving nursing and patient care through teamwork, interdisciplinary collaboration, and evidence-based research.

Ms. Guinhawa’s goal is to become an academic and clinical nurse educator. Ms. Guinhawa states, “As a future nurse educator, I strive to engage in lifelong learning in hopes of advancing nursing practice that will promote optimal patient health outcomes and inspire future nursing students to have a fulfilling journey as well.”

On behalf of the MSN Program, the Department of Nursing and the Mount Community, we congratulate Ms. Guinhawa on her success!