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Mount President Featured in The Business Journals

President McElaney-Johnson Discusses Higher-Ed Leadership During the Coronavirus Pandemic

January 12, 2021

In a recent interview published in The Business Journals, President Ann McElaney-Johnson discusses how Mount Saint Mary’s is meeting the challenges brought by the global pandemic, the lessons learned during this period, and the recent $15 million donation from philanthropist Mackenzie Scott.

President McElaney-Johnson leads the only women's university in Los Angeles
President McElaney-Johnson leads the only women's university in Los Angeles

When discussing Covid-19’s financial impact, the president explains that the University went through a reorganization process before the pandemic struck, which has allowed the Mount to focus on the students’ needs without having to cut programs, jobs and services in the name of staying solvent during the pandemic. “We're doing everything we can to control costs at this point and we’re doing a good job. This community pulls together. And we are doing a lot of additional fundraising,” says McElaney-Johnson.

As the leader of the only women’s university in Los Angeles and the board chair of the Women’s College Coalition, McElaney-Johnson also highlights the important role of women’s colleges in today’s context. “At women's colleges we have the ability to provide an outstanding academic experience to get students into the workforce”, she says. “We have a laser focus on helping women become leaders and find their voice. We need to help women understand the skills to be confident and active in terms of advancing themselves and moving forward with their careers."