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Mary’s Day 2022 Announcement

Please join us in congratulating the Mary’s Day 2022 award winners

April 28, 2022

Mary's Day is the annual celebration in which the college honors the woman for whom it is named - Mary, the mother of Jesus.

Throughout the years, Mount Saint Mary's University has honored Mary in recognizing students who exemplify her spirit of courage, inspiration, service, and dedication to the development of their unique gifts. As family and friends, faculty and administration join together this year virtually, in celebrating the achievements of Mount students, we also join together with Mary, who walked new paths with grace and determination, bringing life to the world - and who surely delights with us in students who do the same. 

Please join us in congratulating all of the Mary’s Day award winners and the students who earned Latin Honors below.

A decorative image with statues of Mary

Presidential Awards

Le Puy Award

Named for Le Puy, France, the place of origin of our founders, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, this award recognizes a student who transferred to Mount Saint Mary’s University and has had a positive impact on the college through activities on and off campus. This presidential medal is awarded to:

Kim Kha
Christy Morales

Sister Rebecca Doan Award

Awarded to the outstanding baccalaureate student who began their academic career at the Doheny campus.  This student is recognized for excellence in the areas of academic achievement, service, service to others and quality of character.  This presidential medal is awarded to:

Vanessa Valencia
Scarlett Zambada

Courage Award

This award honors a student who withstood significant personal challenges during her years at the Mount, and responded with the grace, perseverance, and exceptional courage that made it possible for her to earn her college degree. This presidential medal is awarded to: 

Rachel Halperin

Magnificat Award

This award is given to a student who demonstrates a commitment to living her life in solidarity with the poor and marginalized, in the spirit of Mary's song of justice (Luke 1:46-55). This presidential medal is awarded to:

Megan Vu

Distinguished Community Service Award

This award is given to a student who has distinguished herself by enthusiastically participating in on-campus events and in her local community or parish through volunteer work or political activism. This presidential medal is awarded to:

Rashell Villatoro

Presidents Award

A student who is involved in the total college environment and has benefited or has been changed by the college experience.  Breadth of interests as well as scope of responsibilities are included in the criteria.  Additionally, recipients need to be known for generosity of spirit and personal warmth. This prestigious presidential medal is awarded to:

Shanika Chowdhury
Erika McKissick

Alicia Mercado

Academic Department Awards


The Outstanding Commitment to Biological Research goes to:

Vanessa Aguayo
Ashlin Amano
Cristina Garcia-Garcia
Katrina Manigbas
Alicia Mercado
Waree Protprommart
Janell Segura
Apekshya Nepal

The Outstanding Student in General Biology goes to:

Tamara Espinosa
Cassandra Morin- Gaona
Xitlaly Ortiz
Jazmin Guerrero

The Outstanding Peer Mentor or Supplemental Instructor goes to:

Ashlin Amano
Apekshya Nepal
Waree Protprommart

The Outstanding Graduating Senior in Biology goes to:

Apekshya Nepal
Ashlin Amano
Katrina Manigbas
Janell Segura


The Sister Dolorosa Credential Scholarship is awarded to:

Ariana I. Carrillo

The Doris Schiffilea Harris Education Scholarship is awarded to:

Jennifer C. Lopez

The award for Academic Achievement in Liberal Studies goes to:

Christy Morales

The award for Academic Achievement in Child Development goes to:

Elizabeth Apolinar


The Mary Digges Scholarship for Excellence and Promise in The English Program award goes to:

Hailey Fadipe

The Sister Marie de Lourdes Scholarship for Academic Performance and Contribution to The English Program award goes to:

Savannah Sandoval

The Ursula Williams Award for Writing in Recognition of An Outstanding Level of Sustained Student Performance In Writing goes to:

Hannah Awbrey

History & Political Science

The Sister Rose Catherine Clifford Award for Excellence in Political Science goes to:

Scarlett Zambada

The Dr. Ronald Oard Award for Excellence in Analytical Skills goes to:

Sierra Somkin

The Department Award for Outstanding Scholarship in Political Science goes to:

Scarlett Zambada

The Department Award for Outstanding Scholarship in Healthcare Policy goes to:

Sierra Somkin
Gianne Gonzalez
Shanika Chowdhury

The Department Award for Excellence in Pre-Law goes to:

Scarlett Zambada
Juliana Liwag
Alexis Hart
Jordan Cervantes

The award for Excellence in Scholarship in Global Politics goes to:

Gianne Gonzalez
Erika Magana
Shanika Chowdhury

The Gibson, Dunn and Crutcher Pre-Law Scholarship is awarded to:

Scarlett Zambada

The Global Women in STEM & Policy Undergraduate Research Training Honors Program: Cohort 4 Argentina: Excellence in Undergraduate Research that Bridges Global Politics, Policy and STEM goes to:

Shanika Chowdhury
Josephine Rodriguez


The award for Excellence in Calculus goes to:

Anette Galan

The award for Excellence in Mathematics goes to:

Kim Kha


The award for Excellence in Music Achievement goes to:

Shyanne Zeng
Ariana Carrillo
Anna Korody

The award for Outstanding Music Minor goes to:

Alexa Hernandez

The Music Department Ensemble Awards go to:

Hannah Awbrey
Jennifer Lee
Maria Quiroga

The Department of Music Faculty Award goes to:

Kaitlin Webster Zuber
Emily Webster Zuber
Irma Cuevas


The Professional Nurse Award goes to:

Samantha Isozaki

The Eugenie B. Hannon Nursing Award goes to:

Bella Cabral

The Sr. Callista Roy Award goes to:

Tanesha Marschner

The Nursing Spirit Award goes to:

Mary Nguyen

Physical Sciences

The Daniel Stogryn Award for Excellence in Research goes to:

Kim Kha
Jackeline Shinzato

The Outstanding Departmental Service goes to:

Jackeline Shinzato
Katrina Manigbas
Alicia Mercado

The Achievement in Research goes to:

Jessica Esparza
Isabel Garcia
Emily Cedeno

The Outstanding Progress in Physical Science goes to:

Nataly Hayerapetian
Deanna Solorzano
Anette Galan

The Excellence in Supplemental Instruction goes to:

Linette Vidauri
Alicia Mercado
Waree Protprommart
Cassandra Morin-Gaona
Janell Segura
Vanessa Aguayo

The Outstanding Student in General Chemistry goes to:

Katherine Pham
Ayanna Scott

The Academic Excellence in the Physical Sciences goes to:

Waree Protprommart
Vedejenne Meza
Alicia Mercado

The Exceptional Research in Computational Chemistry goes to:

Alicia Mercado
Hailey Barrientos-Gonzalez
Waree Protprommart

The Outstanding Progress in Research goes to:

Dalilah Valencia
Anette Galan


The award for Excellence in Psychological Research goes to:

Yesenia Roman
Andrea Bernal
Alexandrianna De La Cerda
Amy Moton
Yasmine Velez

The award for Academic Achievement in Psychology goes to:

Victoria Cervantes

The award for Academic Grit goes to:

Natasha Landing

Sociology & Criminology

The award for Outstanding Scholar in Criminology goes to:

Erika Paz

Honors Program

The Outstanding Honors Scholar award goes to:

Ashlin M. Amano

The Discarding the Food That We Damage the Earth to Obtain: How Mitigating Food Waste Can Also Combat Food Insecurity award goes to:

Ashlin M. Amano

The Use of Traditional Remedies and Cancer Prevalence in Cusco, Peru award goes to:

Shanika Chowdhury

The Negative Effects of Criminal Oppression on Corporate America award goes to:

Alexis Sunshine Hart

The Analysis of Biochemical and Sociological Factors Correlated with COVID-19 Severity and Mortality award goes to:

Alicia Marie Mercado

The Built Environment and Health: How Urban Design Contributes to Health Disparities award goes to:

Apekshya Nepal

The Therapeutic Effect of Prayer on Anxiety within Teenagers award goes to:

Mary Nguyen

Latin Academic Honors

The following students are acknowledged for their outstanding academic achievement:

Cum laude

GPA 3.50 - 3.69

Karyme Aguirre
Brooke Amaral
Elizabeth Apolinar
Fatima Arteaga
Andrea Ayala
Karina Artiga
Nadya Beckett
Wendy Bernarte
Carlo Blasquez
Monica Bonilla
Vivian Boyer
Catherine Bui
Gia Carrera
Jocelyn Carrillo
Shanika Chowdhury
Miara Chua
Kaylin Davalos
Evelyn Esparza
Natalie Eulano
Alessandra Figueroa
Diana Flores
Andrea Flores Aguilar

Emily Garica
Kathleen Jillian Garcia
Nattalie Garcia
Vivian Garcia
Esperanzita Gomez
Lisa Gomez
Nayely Gonzalez
Sabrina Gonzalez
Yarely Guzman-Guzman
Alexandria Hughes
Michelle Iglesias
Kim Thien Kha
Reina Leon
Lizbeth Lopez Naranjo
Lance Lorca
Vanessa Lujan
Karen Macias
Cristal Madrigal
Leilani Martinez
Guadalupe Martinez Garcia
Erika McKissick
Miles Mendoza

Natalie Muzsnai
Ashley Ngo
Sarah Park
Melissa Mae Parreno
Nixa Quintana
Olivia Rai
Samantha Rocha
Natalie Rodriguez
Jessica Ruiz
Emily Salinas
Janell Segura
Mackenzie Simon
Kristin Tatum
Celina Terrazas
Abbigail Tinoco
Victoria Trevizo
Jennae Ty-De Guzman
Jada Velazquez
Sebastian Viera
Angeline Villegas
Megan Vu
Valee Xaymountry
Kelly Xiao
Jiyoon Yang
Scarlett Zambada

Magna cum laude

GPA 3.70 – 3.84

Kate Abed
Brianna Alvarado
Ashlin Amano
Kevin Balabbo
Hailey Barrientos-Gonzalez
Alejandra Castillo
Elanie Cea
Valerie Chavez
Gisselle De Anda
Alexandrianna De la Cerda
Josie DeBellis
Deanna Del Rio
Samantha Egurvide
Anizza Fuentes
Kamilah Gonzalez
Lizette Gonzalez-Sanchez
Andy Guzman
Rachel Halperin
Samantha Isozaki
Lydia Jacques
Sheyby Jimenez
Joy Kim

Leilani Lagadi
Catherine Lim
Michelle Leon
Michelle Lopez
Katrina Manigbas
Patricia Manigbas
Tanesha Marschner
Elyse Matsuura
Nathaniel Medina
Winnie Nabaggala
Brianna Nario
Naomi Neveu
Mary Nguyen
Milicia Novicic
Hyun Jae Oh
Fatima Padilla
Brittany Perez
Venus Ramos
Vanessa Salazar
Gabrielle Sanchez
Diana Saravia
Karla Vega

Summa cum laude

GPA 3.85 – higher

Samantha Alderete
Jason Andrada
Bella Cabral
Jordan Cervantes
Alicia Goldszer
Alexis Hart
Elennie Hernandez
Danielle Hettinger
Lydia Jacquez
Viviana Jimenez
Emely Lopez
Tiffany Martinez

Jade McNeill
Vedejenne Meza
Alyssa McCarthy
Alicia Mercado
Christy Morales
Apekshya Nepal
Erika Paz
Jennifer Renteria
Valerie Rodriguez
Jessica Rojas
Vanessa Valencia
Alina Xia