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Living Her Best Career Life

April 21, 2020

Salina Sells ‘12
Salina Sells ‘12

Salina Sells ‘12 is living her best career life since landing an ideal position at a leading ad agency in New York City. “I’m now in my dream job,” says Sells, who oversees the Proctor and Gamble account for Saatchi Wellness. “In my current role, I’m able to use the leadership skills that I learned during my years at the Mount.”

While Sells began noticing her natural leadership abilities when she captained her high school’s color guard, it was at Mount Saint Mary’s where those skills were cultivated. By becoming actively involved in the Mount’s Women Leadership Program and student engagement events, she was able to build the confidence she needed to pursue a career in advertising. 

By her junior year, however, those dreams began to fade when she needed financial support to continue her education. Fortunately, that same year she received the Michael and Carol Enright Endowed Scholarship as well as the Elliott Family Endowed Scholarship. What made the experience even more meaningful was getting the chance to meet one of her scholarship donors, Michael Enright, at an annual scholarship luncheon. “It was so rewarding to be able to thank Mr. Enright in person,” she says. “It felt like someone was investing in me and recognized my potential.”

Thankful to continue her studies and campus involvement, she soon joined an advertising club based on campus. Through her connections, she learned about a college program called Spring in New York. “I applied, got accepted and realized I loved New York,” says Sells, who moved to Manhattan soon after graduating from MSMU with a degree in business administration. “That might never have happened without my scholarships."