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Lessons from the expert

Wellness expert gives tips on motivating others to succeed

April 6, 2018

Wayne Scott Andersen, MD, a New York Times bestselling author and health pioneer, visited the Chalon Campus on Feb. 15 to meet with peer wellness advocates and give them tips on facilitating personal growth and development in others. Andersen serves as the Mount’s wellness scholar in residence.

“The most useful tool that I took away from Dr. Andersen’s presentation was the term ‘autonomy support,’ which means supporting someone’s inner motivations, rather than giving them instructions,” says advocate Justine Hsiao ’20.

He encouraged setting “micro goals,” small, incremental changes that build up to big successes. He reminded the advocates that “if there was a quick and fast solution to changing your lifestyle, everyone would be healthy by now,” says Hsiao.

Andersen believes that the Mount’s focus on peer wellness is unique because it promotes advocacy on a personal level. “This University has the opportunity to become best in class,” Andersen says. “It’s not just about academic success, (it’s also about) giving the students resilience, that emotional intelligence so they can adapt and change with the environment. I believe the students coming out of here will be the ones that go out in the world and thrive.”

To read more about Andersen’s time with the peer wellness advocates, read Hsiao’s essay here.