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Laurel Awards 2022

The Laurel Awards celebration is a time to recognize our graduates and those receiving special honors

April 29, 2022

Laurel Awards is the end-of-the-year celebration for most Undergraduate Degree Programs of Mount Saint Mary's University, Doheny Campus. Modeled on the ancient Greek custom of bestowing laurel wreaths on the victors in the Olympics, we designate this celebration as a time to recognize our graduates and those receiving special honors. Originating in 1974, this award celebration has continually celebrated the success of students with faculty, staff, administration, and family. We thank you for all you have done to contribute to student life at the Mount in support of your peers and the entire community.

2022 Laurel Recipients
2022 Laurel Recipients

We honor the Sisters of Saint Joseph, founded to help women achieve all of which we are capable. We celebrate by bestowing Laurels:  the symbol of victory for the ancient Greeks, the symbol of academic achievement and service in our own day. We call to mind the motto of Mount Saint Mary’s University:  Deus illuminatio mea, or God is my light, so that we may remember that the gifts God has bestowed on us are meant to illumine and serve the world. 

With God’s light to guide us on our path, we can say with St. Paul: I have fought the good fight, I have run the race, I have kept the faith. St. Matthew tells us that Jesus said to us:  You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden. Nor do people light a lamp and put it under a basket, but instead they put it on a stand, and it gives light to all in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.

We are happy to celebrate all of the student awards for Laurel Wreath, Sr. Angela Mesa, Academic Dept. Awards, & the AA students graduating with honors.  We give special thanks for your perseverance and resilience.


Academic Department Awards

Faculty selected students for the following awards, based upon their academic achievement and future promise.

Department of Business Administration

Academic Excellence in Business Administration Award: Gloria Zelaya
Outstanding First Year Business Administration Student: Alyssa Tejada
Outstanding Student in Business Writing Award: Mindy Hernandez Casas
Outstanding Student in Economics: Gloria Zelaya

Department of English

Outstanding Achievement in Writing Award:

Sha’da Adams
Ashley Amaro-Jimenez
Darlene A. Montenegro
Charmaine Bentzen
Karina Berber

Isabel Camacho
Grecia Carrera
Olivia Dy
Jeri Garcia
Briana Giron

Claudia Hernandez
Sarah Jean
Evelyn Jeronimo
Gabriela Jimenez
Gabriela Marquez

Jaqueline Mendez
Katherine Orduna
Alyssa Orozco
Isabella Orozco
Ashley Pena
Cynthi Rosales
Jennifer Sandoval

Melanie Siguenza
Kiran Tauh
Montserrat Torres
Rabia Yasin

Outstanding Achievement in Writing and Literature Award:

Sandra Aguilar
Aaryona Adams
Kelly Fujitaki
Lisa Gomez
Elennie Hernandez
Catherine Riddervold
Tierra Smith
Cristina Wede

Department of History and Political Science

Excellence in Political Science Student Award: Ashley Blancas

Department of Language and Culture

Outstanding Achievement of Japanese Language and Culture Award: Amanda Nicole Magno

Department of Psychology

Outstanding Achievement of a Liberal Arts/Psychology Student Award: Florily Parada

Students Graduating With Honors

Our following Doheny students are expected to graduate with honors. These students have established and maintained an overall minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or higher through their final fall semester in their degree program. They will wear honor cords at the Traditional Undergraduate drive-in commencement ceremony May 10th, 2022 at Exposition Park, Los Angeles.

Leslie Ann Arenal
Christina Bowen
Amanda Cameron
Margaret Dizon
Gybsy Madrid

Ayesha Miller-Nuce
Kristine Kate Necor
Cayla Rancourt
Leslie Renderos
Adrian Vazquez
Alexis West

Honor Society and Service Awards

We acknowledge the following students for their commitment to academic excellence and student involvement across the Doheny campuses.

Phi Theta Kappa

Michelle Chavez
Tierra Smith

The Following Award Acknowledges Students Who Especially Stood Out Among Their Peers:

Sr Angela Marie Mesa

Sr. Angela Marie Mesa, CSJ Award

Balancing the many aspects of life is a challenge for all students. Sometimes, the challenges are so significant that a student should be recognized for achievement in the face of adversity. The Sr. Maria Angela Mesa Award is given to students who withstood significant personal challenges during their years at the Mount, and responded with grace, perseverance, and exceptional courage.


Morgan Butler
Azucena Delgado
Kimberly Galindo

Miki Kawai
Anayeli Lomeli
Rosa Lopez

Florily Parada


laurel wreath pin

Laurel Wreath

The presentation of laurels throughout history acknowledges achievement, and tonight we continue that tradition by inviting a hard-working group of students into the Laurel Wreath and the Laurel Circle. The Women’s Leadership staff has the privilege of working with students in various leadership roles at the Doheny campus. The Laurel Wreath is bestowed on students who demonstrate leadership in a variety of campus involvement opportunities such as the Business Club, Campus Ministry, Student Government Association, Student Activities Council, Residence Life, and a host of other organizations and programs on the Doheny campus all while maintaining a 2.5 GPA or above. Faculty and staff have nominated these student leaders based on their leadership and participation in the co-curricular life of the University. Into the Laurel Wreath we invite the following students:

Yamilett Alvarez
Ariana Flores

Kyla White
Miki Kawai

We thank all of you leaders in the Laurel Wreath and celebrate the light and energy you have brought this community!

Athenian Leaders, we thank you, and celebrate the light and energy you have brought our campus and community!

  • Campus Ministers                           
  • Deans Student Council  
  • Head Resident Assistants            
  • Orientation Leaders                       
  • Peer Wellness Advocates 
  • Phi Theta Kappa                              
  • Resident Assistants        
  • Student Ambassadors 
  • SRC Peer Counselors                     
  • Student Government Association  
  • Club Presidents
  • Doheny Student Activities Council 
  • ISAE Peer Advisors  
  • Leadership Scholars 


Congratulations to all those receiving awards, all those who have earned honors, all students recognized for their contributions, and all students graduating, moving into a new program, or moving into a new chapter in their lives!

May we learn
how to see God’s light all around us:
In the sick we care for,
in the homeless we help to shelter,
in the hungry we work to feed…
and in all those who walk with us along the way.

May we at the Mount
always shine God’s light upon one another.