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Helping Fellow Students with Wellness

March 30, 2020

Samantha De La Torre '21
Samantha De La Torre '21

Samantha De La Torre ’21 is a film, media and social justice major. She participates in the Women in Film & Media Club, is a member of the ADthenians Advertising Team and is a Wellness Coordinator for the Doheny Campus. 

What’s your favorite aspect of the Mount’s film program?

I love that I have learned to tell stories that can create change. For example, I took a documentary storytelling class where we created our own documentary films. I used this opportunity to bring light to a movement that celebrates indigenous Salvadorian women through food storytelling. By telling these kinds of stories, I can shift people’s perspectives.  

Which classes have had the most impact on you?

Both “Women in Hollywood” and “Race, Sex and Hollywood” with Dr. Nicole Haggard were incredible. These classes taught me that the systems in place in Hollywood have been toxic, and nobody has said anything or made a change until now. Each week in my “Women in Hollywood” class we had guest speakers from the industry, women who see these challenges every single day, and they discussed how they handle them in their work life. It was empowering.

What is your role in the Mount Wellness Movement?

I’m part of a team that encourages the overall wellbeing of students. We host events like a Farmers Market, Snack of the Week, Sleep Week and Nutrition Month so that students can learn ways to manage their health and stress. I was recently promoted to Wellness Coordinator, and I help manage the student Peer Wellness Advocates. Recently, I created “Mount Minute Meals” which are one-minute videos that show residents super quick and easy meal recipes they can make in the dorm kitchen. I love being able to see my peers de-stress, and forget about school at our events. It feels good! 

Tell me about your travel abroad experience?

Last May, I traveled to Norway, Denmark and Sweden as part of an International Social Workers class taught by Dr. Melendres. We analyzed the social welfare systems. It was amazing to get a firsthand perspective on global issues. Having an understanding of sociology is a good tool for any major. I gained a greater understanding of people and systems, more than I ever imagined.

What makes you unstoppable?

My support system from the Mount community makes me unstoppable. This kind of support encourages me to keep going and reach my goals no matter what.