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From high school baseball to the Super Bowl  

MSMU student prepares for a career in sports journalism

February 11, 2022

Kathy Martinez '22, is hoping to parlay her love of sport into a career in sports journalism. She currently is an intern with the LA Rams.
Kathy Martinez '22, is hoping to parlay her love of sport into a career in sports journalism. She currently is an intern with the LA Rams.

Meet Kathy Martinez ‘22, sports enthusiast and Rams Ambassador. This year, Martinez got a job working with the Los Angeles Rams. And when they play in the Super Bowl this weekend, she will be there. With a dream to one day work in sports media, Marinez has leveraged her experiences and opportunities at the Mount to take this first step in her career. 

In high school, Martinez joined the yearbook committee and discovered an outlet for her love of sports: photography. As the designated sports photographer, Martinez attended many games, supporting her peers and sharing their triumphs. She loved the opportunity to showcase this school spirit: “The different sports teams create these beautiful fans in the community, really bringing people together. I have made a lot of friends over the years, meeting up at games.”  

In the spring of 2017, Martinez attended the Admitted Athenians Day as a high school senior. She spent the day on campus and connected with a rising senior in the Film, Media & Social Justice program: “She told me all about the program, internships, scholarships, job opportunities and field experience. At that point, it just clicked. This is the school I’m meant to be at.” Now Martinez is a member of the Women in Film club, an admissions tour guide and an engaged member of ISAE, MSMU’s TRiO program for first-generation students. 

Last year, she applied for an internship with the Los Angeles Dodgers but, due to COVID-19, that position was never filled. Then, in November, someone from the Rams organization reached out after seeing her resume. “I don’t really watch football, but I want to work in the sports industry. So this was my opportunity!” When she accepted the job a few weeks later, she went out to celebrate with a friend who is a big NFL fan: “I told her, I’m working in the NFL, by the way. I need some pointers, I need some insight.” 

As a Rams Ambassador, Martinez has had the opportunity to attend all Rams home games, working at various stations to make sure the fan experience is unparalleled. At the NFC championship game on January 30, she worked in the VIP and clubhouse section: “I answered fan questions and handled or escalated any concerns. It’s a big stadium, it’s relatively new, so lots of people need help.” 

How has the Mount prepared her for this next step in her career? “My experience as a tour guide for the Mount has really helped prepare me for this position – boosting my public speaking abilities and the way that I connect with people. I connect with strangers every day so I’m not afraid to just step up and walk over to people.” 

What’s next for Martinez? She has reached out directly to the head photographer for the Dodgers to express her interest in working with them. He replied with advice – get your degree, which she will have by the end of this year – and an offer to stay connected: “I can’t wait to see where this career path takes me. I grew up around sports and want to have the opportunity to share this passion with everyone. Sports can help students focus on school; they can provide access to a college education. Sports can really change your life.”