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Physical therapy students share wellness tips, fitness principles on Instagram as @TheFizeekGeeks

January 3, 2019

By Tamara Murga '16

A group of social media-savvy students are geeking out on fitness.

When it comes to topics such as ergonomics and workout routines, five students in the Doctor of Physical Therapy program want to make medical information a little easier to understand. DPT Class of 2019’s Kay Kovitprakornkul, An Luong, Enoch Quon, Roger Sheen and Robert Lim are known collectively on social media as The Fizeek Geeks.

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The five of them – who are not only in the same cohort but also consider each other friends and exercise buddies – collectively run the Instagram page, which has garnered a following of more than 2,000 in less than a year.

Inspired by the DPT curriculum and the Mount Wellness movement, @TheFizeekGeeks features videos and infographics that cover areas such as strength training, simple desk stretches, relaxation techniques, and pain relief, among others.

“The page is a fun and challenging way for us students to bring the medical jargon we get at school and break it down to the public,” said Kovitprakornkul. The goal is to offer evidence-based practices in a simplified way.

To date, their most popular post has received nearly 7,000 views, which features Kovitprakornkul demonstrating exercises to strengthen ankles. A post on simple desk stretches got more than 2,500 views. 

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Since they started the account in March 2018, the DPT students have received inquiries from people in the Los Angeles area and as far as the Middle East. “One follower, who’s from Saudi Arabia, had asked for knee help and while we can’t give medical advice, we were able to turn to our trusted resources to provide suggestions on what they and others can do,” said Quon.

The group is graduating this year but @TheFizeekGeeks is far from deactivation.

“The great thing is that managing the account can be done from anywhere,” said Quon. “We hope to see us grow beyond Instagram and get a website with workout programs, online sessions and possibly go around the community and offer wellness seminars at schools or fitness centers.”

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