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Finding the Joy in Life

March 30, 2020

Stephanie Hernandez '21
Stephanie Hernandez '21

Stephanie Hernandez ’21 is a child development major who served as a Resident Assistant on the Doheny Campus. She is also a spirit coordinator for the Student Activities Council, an orientation leader, and a leadership scholar. An aspiring teacher, Stephanie has worked as a teaching assistant at Our Lady of Talpa School, Our Lady of Lourdes School and Immaculate Conception School. 

I noticed all of your teaching experience has been at Catholic schools. What do you love about Catholic education?

The Catholic school system is one of my favorites because its focus is to help you become a whole person. Not just someone who is just strong in academics or strong in service, but it develops spirituality in its students as well. 

What’s your dream job?

One day, I want to be the Superintendent of Catholic School in the Los Angeles Archdiocese.

What did you learn from being a Resident Assistant this year?

I was very timid and shy, but now I’m not afraid to be an advocate for myself and for others, whether it’s my fellow Resident Assistants, my peers or my students. I’ve become an empathetic listener, and it’s pushed me to not be a selfish person. And I’m not afraid to have difficult conversations. It’s pushed me to become a stronger person. This year we’ve faced challenges like none other – fires, COVID-19 – and I’ve learned how to stay strong for the students and myself. 

How does the Mount inspire you as a future teacher?

I love the Sisters of St. Joseph and their focus on “serving our dear neighbor.” Serving our dear neighbor can be anyone and it pushes me to look into the face of another and serve him or her no matter who they are. In order to build community, we need to help our neighbors. The Mount also brings the best of both worlds to me – it combines my passion for my faith and my passion for service together. Service, passion and education – that’s why I love the Mount so much. It is truly a place I am happy at. 

What makes you unstoppable?

What makes me unstoppable is the amount of joy that I find in life. Even on bad days, I always look for the good things that happen.