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Fall Reopening Plan

Plan details the approach to keeping Mount Saint Mary's community safe while continuing to support and encourage our unstoppable students

August 25, 2020

The Fall 2020 Plan, painstakingly prepared and implemented by administrators and faculty members throughout the summer to ready the University for any of several reopening scenarios, has been posted on the website.

As the health and safety of the Mount community is the priority of any plan, University officials followed local and state public health guidelines in creating a comprehensive plan to ensure the safest campus environment possible in which to work, study and live.

Given the nature of COVID-19, the safest way to ensure everyone’s health is to severely restrict the access to campus to essential workers and the limited number of students permitted to live on campus. Extensive measures will be followed to sanitize accessible areas on campus while many other facilities remain closed, and everyone will be required to adhere to social distancing policies and wear face coverings in public spaces. While these measures require sacrifices from all involved, they are in the spirit of caring for thy neighbor – in this case, every member of the Mount community as well as those in our local communities. 

Doheny mansion, the most iconic building on a campus replete with architectural gems
Doheny mansion, the most iconic building on a campus replete with architectural gems

The website’s COVID-19 information page has plan highlights as well as the ability to download the entire 47-page document. The table of contents directs readers to area(s) of interest by page number. The front cover includes the date the document was last modified as well as version number, and will be updated – along with the COVID-19 Information Page and myMSMU -- as guidance and regulations from health authorities are updated to reflect current conditions in the Los Angeles area.

The thoroughness given to safety protocols also extends to the rest of the University’s preparations for the semester. The faculty have adapted their courses to remote learning platforms and will continue to provide interaction and the personalized instruction found within in-person classes. Scheduled office hours and meetings by appointment ensure that students will have the support they need to succeed and thrive. Extracurricular activities will exist, albeit in slightly different formats, providing students with opportunities to develop relationships with classmates, participate and take leadership roles in organizations, pursue internships and prepare for careers or post graduate studies.

Thanks to the efforts of all involved, the Mount remains the vital, engaging and special place it always has been – and always will be.