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Faculty tenures and faculty/staff anniversaries celebrated

August 26, 2020

UPDATE: The original article was posted in the newsroom on May 21, but there has been an important addition since that time, with the appointment of two nursing Faculty Emerita designations, to Madeleine Bruning and Sister Callista Roy.

The original article appears below:

Seven Mount faculty were granted tenure, effective this fall, by President Ann McElaney-Johnson and was announced on May 15.

The faculty members and their disciplines are:

Abigail Rea: Nursing

Charles Bunce:  Film, Media and Communications

Joanna Novak: English, MFA Creative Writing Program

Julia Tang: Psychology

Kelby Thwaits: Film, Media and Communications

Michelle Melendres: Social Work

Robin Bishop: Psychology

The granting of tenure has existed since the late 19th century as a means to protect professors from disciplinary actions or firings stemming from donor conflicts with their research or teachings. The granting of tenure was widely adopted by academic institutions by the 1940s.

The Mount family extends its congratulations to the seven newly tenured professors and thanks them for their contributions to the academic richness of the university.

In a separate communication, the president acknowledged various staff and faculty anniversaries as well as faculty promotions and sabbaticals. Typically, these individuals are recognized at an end-of-the-year dinner; if such a dinner can be held at the end of the 2020-2021 academic year, the following milestones would be recognized along with next year’s group.

Faculty tenures and faculty/staff anniversaries celebrated
Faculty tenures and faculty/staff anniversaries celebrated