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End-of-year accolades

Faculty and staff celebrate milestone anniversaries, promotions and retirements

May 10, 2019

At the end of every academic year, Mount faculty and staff gather for the President’s Appreciation Dinner to celebrate achievements of the past year and to mark significant career milestones: anniversaries, faculty promotions and retirements.

The celebration this year was held on May 8. Among those honored were four professors who were granted faculty emerita status: Marsha Sato ’77, EdD, director of the master of science in nursing program; Terri Eichman, assistant professor of nursing; Wanda Teays, PhD, professor and former chair of the philosophy department; and Katherine Brueck, PhD, retired professor and former chair of the English department.

Congratulations to the following for their promotions:

Promoted to Professor:

  • Guillermo Garcia, Religious Studies
  • Leah FitzGerald, Nursing
  • Michelle French-Holloway, Business Administration

Promoted to Associate Professor:

  • Christian Teeter, Business Administration
  • Darla Dunlop, Psychology                                          
  • Gloria Okoh, Nursing                                     
  • Julius Carlson, Music
  • Kimberly Nao, Education 
  • Paul Lee, Physical Sciences/Math
  • Sharon Moore, Nursing         

Tenured faculty (effective Fall 2019):

  • Adriane Jones, Biological Sciences
  • Carol DeLily, Nursing
  • Craig Newsam, Physical Therapy
  • Johnny Payne, MFA, Creative Writing
  • Leah FitzGerald, Nursing
  • Shani Habibi, Psychology


  • Mark Alhanati, Business Administration, 2019-2020
  • Marsha Nickerson, Fall 2019
  • Sylvine Deprele, Physical Sciences/Math, Fall 2019
  • Sr. Darlene Kawulok, Religious Studies, 2019-2020


  • Fehrn Hesse, Nursing
  • Anne Rigone, Business
  • Marsha Sato ’77, Nursing
  • Terri Eichman, Nursing
  • Wanda Teays, Philosophy

Faculty Emerita:

  • Marsha Sato ’77, Nursing
  • Terri Eichman, Nursing
  • Wanda Teays, Philosophy
  • Katherine Brueck, English