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Collectif 2019 released

Online anthology of original faculty and staff writing examines intersectionality from multiple perspectives

March 30, 2019

The second edition of Collectif – an online anthology of original faculty and student writing – has been released in conjunction with the 2019 edition of The Report on the Status of Women and Girls in California™.

This year’s anthology expands on the Report’s theme of intersectionality, bringing analysis on the intersection of gender, equity and access from the perspectives of the humanities, healthcare, and philosophy. A student essay investigates the variables that may explain underrepresentation of women in a specific field, in this case aviation.

These are the five commissioned essays included in the 2019 Collectif, which can be downloaded in full here:

Why Are There So Few Women Pilots? A Comparative Case Study of Women Pilots in United States and Indian Aviation

by Caitlyn Keeve, '20

What Good is an Apology?: Restorative Ethics in the Age of #MeToo 
by Aimée Koeplin, PhD

Identity and History: Decentering the Narrative 
by Wendy J. McCredie, PhD

  1. S. Maternity Care in Crisis
    by Sarah Shealy CNM, IBCLC

The Challenges of Cultural Proficiency for the African-American-Mexican Woman in los Estados Unidos 
by Ana V. Thorne, PhD