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Coding with Google

The Mount is one of a few partner universities picked to host computer and data science courses offered by Google.

March 10, 2019

Google has chosen Mount Saint Mary’s as one of its partner universities for the Applied Computing Series, which offers introductory courses on programming language and data science at host campuses.

Applied Computing is a curriculum and platform created by Google, provided at no cost to select colleges and universities – particularly those with a high percentage of women and minorities (communities historically underrepresented in the computer science field). The project, only in its second year, is highly selective and only a handful of institutions were picked to host the courses in fall 2019.

Google’s Applied Computing aligns with Mount Saint Mary’s vision for a new computer science major and redesigned minor program: to offer courses that benefit both students who plan to major in computer science, and students across disciplines who can use coding and data science to enhance their learning and application of concepts in their fields.

Google will provide the platform and content for two semester-long courses during the 2019-2020 academic year, both led by the Mount’s Irma Ravkic, PhD, associate professor of computer science: CS 1A Coding for All, which will introduce students to computer science using Python programming; and CS 110 Intro to Data Science, which will train students to make informed, data-based decisions using machine learning algorithms.

After completing the two courses, Mount students will have the opportunity to apply for Google’s Machine Learning Intensive 10-week free summer course in summer 2020 (location to be announced).