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Athenian Awards 2020

Celebrating the amazing talents and contributions of our student leaders

April 29, 2020

The Athenian Awards is a Mount tradition held annually to honor and celebrate the amazing talents and contributions of our student leaders. Through their involvement in clubs and organizations, student government, and various other organizations this year, these students have demonstrated true leadership and are a living legacy of the Sisters of St. Joseph and the mission of the university. We thank you for all you have done to contribute to student life at the Mount in support of your peers and the entire community.

A collage of MSMU women

Emerging Leader Award

Emerging Leader Awards recognize students who have exhibited leadership potential through their early involvement in the campus community. It is our hope that you will continue to develop yourselves as leaders during your time at the Mount.

Nadya Beckett
Andrea Bernal
Vania Bravo
Alyssa Camcam
Mary Canda
Mariana Casas Contreras
Goretti Cervantes
Valerie Chavez
Andrea Cortave
Karina Cruz
Angela Dantes
Nathalie Diaz
Emily Garcia
Karen Garcia Diaz
Kebron Gedion
Lizette Gonzalez
Priscilla Gonzalez
Yarely Guzman-Guzman
Michelle Iglesias
Lauren Ingelmo
Anna Korody
Alejandra Lopez
Jennifer Lule
Briana Luna
Mariafernanda Macias-Flores
Diana Martinez
Leilani Martinez
Brandy Mendoza
Veronica Munoz
Emily Nguyen
Fiyinfoluwa Ojo
Graciela Orozco
Xitlaly Ortiz
Evelyn Perez
Thais Perez
Waree Protprommart
Kamila Quinones
Nyah Ramirez
Venus Ramos
Vanessa Reyes
Adriana Robles
Diana Rodriguez
Fatima Rodriguez
Emily Rodriguez
Lauren Inez Rodriguez
Janeet Rodriguez
Emily Salinas
Margarita Santiago
Mariana Sifuentes
Jasmine Siguenza
Dalilah Valenica
Jessica Velasco
Raeleene Wilbur


Outstanding Leader

The Outstanding Leader award is given to students who have demonstrated leadership through their involvements and contributions to the campus community.  

Daniela Ahumada
Marizennia Andres
Melissa Angeles
Kayla Brush
Yasmin Carmona
Katie Celestino
Sara Cortes
Angelica Crispin
Charlotte Davis
Samantha De La Torre
Josie DeBellis
Anyssa Egans
Diana Flores
Vivian Garcia
Martha Gonzalez
Stephanie Hernandez
Julia Huerta
Xochitl Ibarra
Kelsy Larios
Catherine Lim
Mariah Martinez
Liliana McMillian-Ruiz
Karina Mejia
Alicia Mercado
Mabel Monterossa
Michelle Montiel
Apekshya Nepal
Roxana Pablo
Fatima Padilla
Kathleen Perez
Rufina Piche
Divya Rajendran
Jayleen Ramos
Clarissa Rayos
Stephanie Rivas
Nishat Salsabil
Madison Serna
Vivian Slu
Isabella Solano
Simone Soriano
Helen Umana
Chidozie Umekwe-Odudu
Samantha Vasquez
Jocelynn Velazquez
Monica Vera
Stephanie Villasenor
Rashshell Villatoro
Julie Zaldivar


Exemplary Leader

The Exemplary Leader award is given to graduating seniors who have demonstrated a commitment to leadership and embody the Four Core Principles of Mount Leads.

Georgia Aguilar
Lance Alviso
Christee Barragan
Melissa Castellanos
April Chagoya
Jessica Contreras
Estela Delgado Rodriguez
Joanna Gamarra
Kimberly Ganivet
Mia Garcia
Samantha Garcia
Dana Gil
Jessica Hernandez
Melissa Hernandez
Allie Hernandez
Angel Iwuoma
Caitlyn Keeve
Estrella Lobos
Cindy Lopez
Andie Lopez
Carsie Mendoza
Gaby Quintanilla
Carmen Ramos
Savannah Sanchez
Brianna Simental
Brigitte Solorzano
Ashley Tovar


Community Student Ambassador Program

A group of women wearing black polos on a staircase

Founded in 1991, the Community Student Ambassador Program works with students, teachers, school counselors, and parents in the local community to provide information and support regarding higher education.

Joanna Gamarra, Manager
Melissa Hernandez, Manager

Karina Cruz, Variety Boys and Girls
Ariana Flores, Immaculate Conception
Kimberly Ganivet, Franklin High School
Priscilla Gonzalez, Sacred Heart High School
Angel Iwuoma, St. Mary’s Academy
Michelle Montiel, Bishop Conaty-Our Lady of Loretto High School
Angie Ramirez, Downtown Magnets High School
Janeet Rodriguez, Roosevelt High School


Leadership Scholar Program

A group of women wearing purple outside on grass

The Leadership Scholar Program is a selective leadership development program that recognizes the leadership potential of individual students dedicated to making positive contributions to their campus, their community, and their personal lives through involvement, service, and leadership activities.

Aaryona Adams
Daniela Ahumada
Nicole Berumen
Ashley Blancas
Minji Chung
Lucy Collins
Andrea Cortave
Angelica Crispin
Karina Cruz
Samantha Eaton
Ashley Espinoza Flores
Hailey Fadipe
Amber Figueroa
Emily Garcia
Dana Gil
Martha Gonzalez
Lauren Ingelmo
Diana Martinez
Erika McKissick
Alicia Mercado
Mabel Monterrosa
Fatima Padilla
Jayleen Ramos
Fatima Renteria Castro
Lilianna Salcedo
Nishat Salsabil
Margarita Santiago
Mariana Sifuentes
Helen Umana

Graduating Leadership Scholars:   
Geraldine Lou Bermudez
Dana Blakney
Jessica Contreras
Daisy Cruz
Esmeralda Gallegos

Joanna Gamarra
Kimberly Ganivet
Jessica Hernandez
Angel Iwuoma
Gabriela Quintanilla

Savannah Sanchez
Chidozie Umekwe-Odudu
Linette Vidauri


Orientation Leaders

Orientation Leaders are experienced students who volunteer to assist new students in their transition to the Mount. We thank them in advance for their work as we welcome the newest members of our Athenian community this summer.

A collage of students in matching orientation tshirts outside

Orientation Assistants: Pamela Aviles & Helen Umana

Returning Orientation Leaders:
Marilina Campopiano
Roxana Pablo
Kathleen Perez

Jayleen Ramos
Emily Salazar
Samantha Vazquez


New Orientation Leaders:
Aaryona Adams
Daniela Ahumada
Hailey Barrientos
Alyssa Camcam
Lucy Collins
Andrea Cortave
Priscilla Davila
Ashley Espinoza Flores
Anizza Fuentes
Martha Gonzalez
Nathaly Hernandez
Miranda Herrera

Noeli Herrera
Julia Huerta
Erika McKissick
Alicia Mercado
Veronica Montiel
Fatima Padilla
Nishat Salsabil
Margarita Santiago
Michaela Tiongson
Angelina Tuazon
Summer Woods


Student Activities Council

A group of students standing under a tree

Student Activities Council (SAC) is a student-led organization responsible for campus-wide traditions at the Mount such as Dive-In Movie, Annual Tree Lighting, Spring Bash/Carnival, and Spirit Week.

Savannah Sanchez, Chair
Kathleen Perez, Executive Vice Chair
Joanna Gamarra, Administrative Vice Chair

Spirit Coordinators:
Andrea Cortave
Natalie Huggard
Lizette Gonzalez

Cindy Lopez
Jaylee Ramos
Kimberly Rivas


Spirit Team:
Samantha Alderete
Andrea Berna
Nicole Berumen
Clara Kim

Fiyinfoluwa Ojo
Min Ji Sang
Dalilah Valencia
Linette Vidauri


Student Government Association

A group of women in purple polo shirts

Student Government Association serves as the voice of the student body and work to make student-centered change on campus in collaboration with university officials.

2019-2020 Executive Board:
Angelica Crispin, President
Jessica Hernandez, Vice President of Administration
Marth Gonzalez, Executive Vice President

2019-2020 Senators:

Daniela Ahumada, Resident Senator
Melissa Angeles, External Affairs Co-Chair
Josie DeBellis,, External Affairs Co-Chair
Diana Flores, Commuter Senator
Lauren Ingelmo, Resident Senator
Jennifer Lule, General Senator

Apekshya Nepal, External Affairs Chair
Jenny Park, Elections Co- Chair
Waree Protprommart, Elections Chair
Emily Rodriguez, Doheny Senator
Janeet Rodriguez, General Senator
Nishat Salsabil, General Senator


We are proud to announce the 2020-2021 Student Government Association:

2020-2021 Executive Board:
Helen Umana, President
Lauren Ingelmo, Vice President of Administration
Apekshya Nepal, Executive Vice President

2020-2021 Senators:
Astrid Godinez, Commuter Senator
Rashell Villator, Commuter Senator
Fabiola Garcia, General Senator
Erika Mckissick, General Senator
Nishat Salsabil, General Senator


2019-2020 Clubs & Organizations

Special recognition is given to each of the club and organization presidents for their hard work and dedication to their individual groups and members.  We thank them for their contributions to student life.

A collage of students in clubs

Evelyn Avila, Latinas Unidas (Chalon)
Pamela Aviles, Building Bridges Across Borders
Leti Beltran, Pi Theta Mu
Vania Bravo, Latinas Unidas (Doheny)
Diana Calderon, Psychology Club
Angelica Crispin, Student Government Association
Christina Curiel, Korean Culture Club
Esmeralda Gallegos, MSMU League of Women Voters
Sam Garcia, Kappa Delta Chi
Talynn Glenn, ECO Club
Giselle Gutierrez, California Nursing Students' Association
Jessica Hernandez, MSMU Women in Film & Media Club
Stephanie Hickman, Delta Mu Delta
Shirley Hodgen, Le Cercle Francophone
Kelsy Larios, Women in Science Health
Brytanya Le, Sakura Society
Justine Lozano, Accounting Association
Patricia Manigbas, Sakura Society
Amy Nguyen, Pangkat Pilipino
Jessica Ojeda, Alpha Tau Delta
Reena Palero, Na Pua O Ka 'Aina
Atziri Peña, Social Justice Club
Gabriella Quintanilla, Pi Gamma Mu
Carmen Ramos, Pi Gamma Mu
Savannah Sanchez, Alpha Tau Delta
Jasmine Siguenza, Business Club
Chidozie Umekwe-Odudu, National Society of Leadership and Success


Inter-Club Council Awards

The Inter-Club Council, comprised of 25 clubs and organizations presidents, presents four special awards to honor their peers. The winners of the following awards went above and beyond to put on great events and programs for the students at the Mount, particularly in what has been a very challenging academic year. These organizations will be honored with a plaque in the Women’s Leadership and Student Engagement office.

Organization of the Year – MSMU Women in Film and Media
Most Collaborative Event – MSMU Women in Film and Media
Most Creative Publicity – MSMU Women in Film and Media
Most Original Program – I AM Festival hosted by Women in Film and Media


2019-2020 Faculty and Staff of the Year

Portrait of a woman standing in front of steps
Dr. Michelle Melendres

Faculty of the Year

A portrait of a woman wearing red
Lisa Villa

Staff of the Year


Student Affairs

The following Student Affairs departments recognize student leaders who have made significant contributions to their departments and programs.

Campus Ministry

Lance Alviso, Sister Cecilia Louise Moore Award
Brenda Martinez. Sister Esther McCann Award
Daisy Cruz, Sister Esther McCann Award
Valerie Pena, Sister Teresita Espinosa Award
Daisy Cruz, Sister Teresita Espinosa Award

Sports and Wellness

Jorgia Young, Community Wellness Award
Fatima Hernandez, Community Wellness Award
Samantha Garcia, Sports & Wellness Leadership Award
Samantha Vasquez, Sports & Wellness Leadership Award
Martha Gonzalez, Sports & Wellness Leadership Award
Andie Lopez, Sports & Wellness Leadership Award
Katelyn Rodriguez, Sports & Wellness Leadership Award
Jennifer Carrillo, Sports & Wellness Leadership Award
Samantha De La Torre, Sports & Wellness Leadership Award
Estrella Lobos, Sports & Wellness Leadership Award
Isabella Solano, Sports & Wellness Leadership Award
Ashley Tovar, Sports & Wellness Leadership Award
Celeste Juraez, Leadership in Sports Award
Julia Aquino, Leadership in Sports Award
Pamela Aviles, Leadership in Sports Award
Valery Garcia, Leadership in Sports Award
Samantha Vasquez, Leadership in Sports Award