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Alexis Sio ’21: Above, Beyond and Well on Her Way

Love for her future profession and a passion for helping others keep this nursing major going, and going and going…

March 1, 2021

She’s an honors scholar, club leader and actively contributing member of the nursing admissions committee. She mentors younger peers and leads Zoom study sessions. She’s worked as a ward clerk at Simi Valley Healthcare and is writing a thesis on music therapy for hospitalized children.

Clearly, Alexis Sio rarely stands still. No wonder she received the Mount’s “Unstoppable Scholar Award” for 2021. The award honors a student who has shown “an unstoppable desire to go beyond academic excellence;” is spirited, determined, smart, confident and responsible; and is “involved in promoting the importance of student activities (campus life) and advancing the mission of Mount Saint Mary’s University.” 

Nursing student Alexis Sio '21 nears the end of her college years with an Unstoppable Scholar Award to add to her accomplishments
Nursing student Alexis Sio '21 nears the end of her college years with an Unstoppable Scholar Award to add to her accomplishments

The academic excellence part is obvious. Sio attends Mount Saint Mary’s with help from the Andrew Hannon Family Endowed Scholarship and the Patricia A. Cribbs Expendable Nursing Scholarship. “The awards were based on my work in high school,” she says, “and in order to keep qualifying, I have to maintain my grade point average.”

Sio’s plan to pursue a nursing career started in childhood, when her mother—a nurse herself—sometimes brought her along to her job at a skilled nursing facility. “Being there inspired me a lot, especially because I got to interact with patients at a very early age,” Sio says.

A passion for science shaped Sio’s ambition. “But I also have a passion for helping people,” she adds, explaining that nursing involves more than helping patients heal physically. “It’s also about socialization and making sure they’re healing emotionally or mentally.”

Sio is co-president of the California Nursing Students Association on campus and an active member of Pangkat Pilipino, the Filipino cultural club, where she officially serves as an ate, or “older sister,” to several younger students. “But I typically help any of my first year, sophomore or junior friends who need it,” she says.  

“Nursing school isn’t easy,” she says. “When people are struggling or just feel like they need to rant, I’ll always offer myself to listen to whatever they need and be there for them.”

As she gets ready to start her career as a nurse, the unstoppable Sio is already making plans for graduate study, with the goal of becoming a nurse practitioner. “I also was thinking about being a clinical instructor,” she says, “maybe coming back to the Mount once I get experience on the floor.”