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Adthenians Team Competes

The “ADthenians” is a team of 11 women from different years and majors competing at the National Advertising Competition

March 9, 2020

By ADthenians PR Team: Emma Frias and Astrid Godinez

The "ADthenians

The National Advertising Competition (NSAC) is a nationwide competition that gathers university students to create an advertising campaign for a company. Approximately 150 colleges participate, and there is only one all-female team located right here in L.A. The “ADthenians” —as they call themselves, because their school mascot is Athena—from Mount Saint Mary’s University is a team of 11 women from different years and majors. With a student body of a little over 3,000 people, the school competes in the NSAC in District 15 with schools like UCLA, USC, and UC San Diego. 

The team consists of women from different backgrounds. Most of them are full-time students with jobs and/or internships. Despite their busy schedules, they dedicate three hours each the week to formal meetings and around five hours outside of class to get work done. The ADthenians are motivated by the lack of female representation in the advertising world. Their mentor and facilitator, Keith Gosselin, often jokes that “STEM” should be revised to “STEAM” - and yes, the A is for advertising. In a world where women are breaking barriers in every industry, this group of Mount students hopes to do the same and carry their school’s message of “unstoppable” into the workplace. 

Currently, out of all the United States Creative Directors, only 11% are women. The ADthenians hope to increase that statistic upon graduation. Being the only all-female team in the nation to compete, the ADthenians take this responsibility as an opportunity to showcase the lack of diversity in the industry. They hope their participation demonstrates the power of women and the result of unity.  

Cindy Gallop stated, “Women challenge the status quo because we are never it. Want to reinforce the status quo? Follow men. Want to explode it? Follow women.” Follow the ADthenians on their mission to change the status quo on April 24, when they present their campaign to a panel of judges through a virtual competition.

Update, 5/1/20
In a significant victory, the Adthenians were awarded with a third place win at the 2020 National Student Advertising competition. This was the first time in 12 years that the team was ranked in the top three. The unstoppable spirit and resilience of the team was demonstrated as they competed against much larger universities, including California State University, Fullerton, and University of San Diego. Congratulations to all of the members of the team who worked so hard this year!