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Print, Copy, Scan

What is PaperCut?

As part of the In-Campus Copy and Print Services at MSMU, the printers are run by ARO Print Services through the Mail, Graphics, & Student Print Services Department using the PaperCut application.

PaperCut is a print management software package that allows you to print from all library computers, campus lab computers, or from your personal laptop, desktop computer or tablet.

At each print station, students can:

  • obtain printouts
  • make copies
  • scan to a USB flash drive

After sending a document to print, log in to any copier on campus, and your print job will be waiting there for you to release it.

All active MSMU students with university-issued ID cards are automatically provided with a PaperCut account.

You must have funds in your account to make copies, print, or scan.



PaperCut Logo

Step-By-Step Instructions

Print, Copy, Scan Guide



How do I print at MSMU?

The short version:

  1. Find PaperCut and login with your MSMU credentials.
  2. Add funds to your PaperCut account
  3. Choose and send a file to the PaperCut cloud.
  4. Release your print job at a PaperCut printer (Xerox WorkCentre).

The long version, with tips, tricks, and more information:

Print, Copy, Scan Guide

How To Print @ MSMU Handout


How do I make copies at MSMU?

At a PaperCut Xerox WorkCentre printer:

  1. Make sure you have a balance on your PaperCut account.
  2. Swipe your MSMU ID in the card slider or enter your MSMU credentials on the copier's login screen.
  3. Select Use Copier Functions and click OK.  
  4. "Access approved" message should appear. Click OK to access the copier functions.
  5. Remember to Logout when finished.


How do I scan at MSMU?

Scanning Options

Scan documents to a USB drive

  1. Make sure you have a balance on your PaperCut account. (Scans now cost $0.05 per page)
  2. Swipe your MSMU Student ID to activate the Xerox WorkCentre.
  3. Insert a flash drive into USB input at Xerox Workcentre Printer.
  4. Select Scan to USB.
  5. Place your document on the glass - tight to the upper left corner - and choose document size accordingly.
  6. Scan!




Want to skip PaperCut?

Send it to ARO and pick it up in the mailroom


Additional Printing Services

Available at:

myMSMU: Mail, Graphics, and Student Print Services



Image of copier type found in libraries