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Borrow Materials

Borrower Privileges


Current MSMU Students, Faculty, & Staff


Current MSMU students, faculty, and staff can check out materials and request items through LINK+ and Interlibrary Loan (ILL) by obtaining a library barcode.

To check out materials, you must have an official MSMU ID, MSMU Alum ID Card, or other valid photo ID and fill out the online Library Card Application or visit the circulation desk at either library.

The libraries' databases and electronic resources can be accessed off-campus by logging into myMSMU with your MSMU credentials and then visiting the MSMU Libraries website.

Privileges include:

  • Loan periods for print materials (regular books, bestsellers, theses, periodicals)
  • Access to LINK+ and Interlibrary Loan print materials
  • Full access to databases, indexes, full-text, and other digital resources on- and off-campus
  • Digital Document Delivery for articles that need to be ordered individually and delivered via email


MSMU Alums


Alums who wish to use the MSMU Libraries must have an Alum ID Card issued by the Alumnae Association.

The Alum ID Card permits:

  • In-person use of the library
  • Ability to check out regular print books owned by MSMU Libraries
  • Reference assistance during normal business hours
  • Computer access at both campuses during normal business hours
  • Sponsored wifi access with presentation of Alum ID Card at the Circulation Desk of either library

Note: Alums do not have access to LINK+, ILL, or off-campus access to the libraries' databases due to licensing restrictions.


MSMU Affiliates


The MSMU Libraries are not open to the public.

All guests must be sponsored by a current MSMU faculty member or administrator and/or identified by Access Services Staff at the Circulation Desk at either campus.

  • Religious Affiliates, Visiting Professors, and Sponsored Guests: Have your MSMU Sponsor (faculty member or administrator) email the library to obtain a limited-term library card. Approved affiliates will need to present a government-issued ID to obtain their limited-term library card.
  • LINK+ Pick-Up & Visiting Patron Program: Non-MSMU users who requested a LINK+ book can pick up their books by presenting a government-issued ID card and the library card from the participating institution.
  • SCELC Faculty: Limited-term access to the libraries is available by bringing a SCELC application signed by your home institution and a government-issued ID.

 Limited-Term Library Card Privileges:

  • Limited-term library cards will be issued to approved, sponsored guests at the library Circulation Desk
  • MSMU Affiliates must produce a valid photo ID to obtain the limited-term library card
  • This pass expires one year from date issued
  • This pass does not include interlibrary loan privileges, study room access, or 24-hour computer lab access




The MSMU Libraries are not open to the public.

All guests must be sponsored by a current MSMU community member and/or identified by Access Services Staff at the Circulation Desk at either campus.

  • Guests of MSMU students: must be accompanied by the student at all times.
  • Guests of MSMU staff or faculty: MSMU faculty and staff can request a 1-day visitor badge at the Circulation Desk for household members who are 18 years or older
  • Children under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times. An adult must supervise the children's use of library equipment and resources and must remain with the children at all times.
  • Other Sponsored Guests: See MSMU Affiliates above for access requirements

1-Day Visitor Badge

  • 1-Day Visitor Badge will be issued to approved sponsored guests at the library Circulation Desk
  • Any family member 18 years of age and older must also produce a valid photo ID
  • This pass expires one day from date issued
  • This pass does not include borrowing privileges, interlibrary loan, study room access, or 24-hour computer lab access



Borrower Responsibilities

  • Please treat library materials with care. Others in the community will be using the collection for years to come.
  • Please return items by their due dates, as others may be waiting for them.
  • Patrons are responsible for checking their emails for notices of overdue items and recalled items and responding to the notices.
  • Patrons have full responsibility for their library card and for paying all fines for overdue, damaged, and/or lost materials.

If you have a question about using the libraries, please ask a library staff member or email


Loan Periods


Initial Loan Period - Semester (1 renewal)

Faculty & Staff

Initial Loan Period -  Semester (1 renewal)


Initial Loan Period - 3 weeks (1 renewal)

MSMU Affiliates

Initial Loan Period -  3 weeks (1 renewal)

All patrons can renew one time by accessing My Account. If more than one renewal is required, please contact Access Services.


Access Services

310.954.4370 (Coe - Chalon)
213.477.2750 (McCarthy - Doheny)

How do I borrow books from other libraries?

The MSMU Libraries belong to several excellent consortial book borrowing programs.

If the book you need is not at MSMU, try either one of these options:

Find Books at Another Library with LINK+ or ILL

We can request books from all over the country free of charge to you.


Common questions about LINK+

What is LINK+?


LINK+ is a combined catalog that lists materials from the collections of participating LINK+ libraries. MSMU is a participating member of LINK+, and MSMU students, faculty, and staff may borrow books from other LINK+ libraries free of charge.

LINK+ allows patrons from member libraries to electronically request an item not available in their own library and to have that item delivered to their own library for check-out. LINK+ may be accessed directly from the MSMU Libraries Catalog or while using the local catalogs of participating libraries. Generally, books may be borrowed if they are listed as "available" in the catalog. Items may be held for pick up at either Coe Library - Chalon Campus or McCarthy Library - Doheny Campus.

LINK+ has faster delivery than traditional Interlibrary Loan. Books are delivered to both Chalon and Doheny campus libraries by courier service. MSMU Libraries’ users may only borrow books. Materials such as media and journals are searchable but are not available for borrowing. An item will generally arrive at the requestor's library in 3 to 5 days and will be held for up for 10 days. The loan period is 21 days with one 21-day renewal.

Note: A book may not be eligible for renewal if it has been requested or placed on hold by another patron.


Who are the participating libraries?


A list of participating LINK+ libraries can be viewed on the LINK+ website. If you are planning to visit a LINK+ library in person, please check first to make sure it participates in the Visiting Patron option.

MSMU is a participating Visiting Patron library.


How do I request a book through LINK+?


When you find and select a book you want in the LINK+ Catalog, you will see a link indicating how many LINK+ libraries own the book.

  • Click on the ownership link.
  • Verify that there are available copies in the LINK+ system.
  • Click Request.
  • Select your Library from the drop-down list and click Submit above information.
  • Fill the blanks with your name and barcode, select a Pickup Location, and click Submit.
  • Your request is then forwarded to the owning library, who will pull the book and ship it to your library for you to pick up. will send an email to your email account when the book is available for pickup.

Alternatively, you may click on REQUEST THIS ITEM from the item display and follow the same instructions as above.

NOTE: All LINK+ users must have a current library card, free of fines, to use the service.


How long does it take to receive a book?


The time between making a request for an available item and picking up the item is approximately 3 to 5 days.
Items will be held for pick-up for 10 days.


What is the loan period? May I renew?


The loan period is 21 days, with one renewal of 21 days.
Note: A book may not be eligible for renewal if it has been requested or placed on hold by another patron.


How do I renew or review the status of a LINK+ request?


Renew your books and monitor the status of your requests by visiting My Library Account on the MSMU Libraries’ home page. Log in using your name and library barcode to see if your requested materials have been shipped, received, or renewed.

You can email with any LINK+ related questions.


How do I cancel a LINK+ request?


Ask at the Circulation Desk at either campus. A LINK+ request can be canceled if an item still has a "Requested" status. If the item is "In Transit" or "Rec'd" the request may not be canceled.


What are the overdue fees for LINK+ books?


As of June 2020 all LINK+ libraries will cease to collect late fees, however, a rate of $115 for lost or damaged materials will be charged 15 days after the due date. Visit LINK+ Borrowing, Pickup and Return Rules for updates to this policy.




Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Policy


The MSMU Libraries’ Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service enables MSMU students, faculty, and staff to borrow materials not available in MSMU libraries. You do not need to specify where the materials should come from; MSMU library staff will automatically search for availability in other libraries.


The service is free to eligible borrowers:
  • MSMU students
  • MSMU faculty and staff members

Request Form

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Materials Request


Delivery of ILL Materials

  • Short Works: When possible, articles, book chapters, and other short works will be scanned and emailed directly to your MSMU email address.
  • Long Works: Longer works, such as books, DVDs, and whole journals will be physically mailed to MSMU. Upon their arrival, you will be notified via your MSMU email. The ILL materials will then be available for you to check out at the circulation desk at the campus you originally selected.

Items That Can Be Requested

  • Items not owned by MSMU libraries
  • Items that are unavailable (checked-out) at MSMU libraries (this may exclude some course reserves)
  • Items missing from MSMU libraries
  • Items at MSMU libraries that can no longer circulate because of their fragile condition

Items That Cannot Be Requested

  • Some textbooks and course reserves may not be available from other libraries
  • Non-circulating items (Items that do not circulate from other libraries may include: special collections materials, reference materials, encyclopedias, dictionaries, workbooks, etc.)

Items That May Be Difficult to Obtain

  • Entire journal volumes or issues
  • Titles only owned at one institution
  • ePub/articles ahead of print dates (pre-publication materials)


Common questions about InterLibrary Loan (ILL)

How do I request a book through ILL?


First, search for your desired book(s) using WorldCat

After locating the book(s), and checking to make sure that it is not already available at the MSMU Libraries or through LINK+, please submit a request using the following form:

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Materials Request

NOTE: All ILL users must have a current library card, free of fines, to use the service.


How many ILL requests can I make?


There is no limit to the number of ILL requests that you can make.


How will I know when my item arrives?


Items that are mailed (books) may take 2-4 weeks to arrive. Items that are scanned (articles and book chapters) may take 1 to 2 weeks to arrive. You will be notified via your MSMU email. Please pick up your items as soon as possible. Do not remove the ILL label and/or book strap.


How do I renew ILL items?


Renewals requests are made by emailing the ILL staff at If an item is eligible for renewal, we will contact the lending library and then contact you after the lending library responds. Items that are not renewable will be noted on the ILL book strap. Renewal requests must be placed on or before the due date. Overdue items are not eligible for renewal.


How do I return ILL items?


Items may be returned to either MSMU campus library during open hours only. Do not place ILL materials in the book drop.


What is the cost?


MSMU does not charge for ILL requests. However, if you lose or damage an ILL item, you may be fined as much as $200, depending on the owning library's policy.


How do I contact ILL?


Via email at



More ILL Questions?

For more information on ILL borrowing, contact