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MSMU Libraries subscribes to many popular newspapers including the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times (and many more!)

Search for Newspapers

To locate a newspaper by title, use either of the following methods:

  1. eJournals A-Z (search across many titles)
  2. Databases A-Z (narrow by a particular news database)


eJournals A-Z

Search Instructions for eJournals A-Z

  • Search across multiple newspapers using eJournals A-Z - also called Quick Search Publications
  • Here you can search for newspapers by title
  • You can also start at the main Quick Search search box and narrow your search to "newspapers only"
    • Enter any keywords and hit search
    • On the results page, under Limit by Source Types select news


Databases A-Z

Search Instructions for  Databases A-Z

  • To begin, select one of our newspaper databases in Databases A-Z
  • These can be accessed by using the dropdown menu for Database Type and selecting News & Newspapers.
  • Example: A popular database from this list is News and Newspapers (ProQuest). Search by keyword or if you know the name of a specific newspaper you want to peruse, (example: Chicago Tribune) search by Publication.


How-To Guide

Find News & Newspapers

Need help finding newspapers?