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Code of Conduct Policies


General Library Use Policy


The MSMU Libraries provide services, resources, and spaces that support the educational mission of the University. We maintain a positive and respectful environment and expect all library users to conduct themselves with civility, integrity, and respect for others.

Violations of University policies, theft or misuse of library materials, or disruption of the learning environment can result in loss of privileges and disciplinary action.

Please contact a library staff member if you need assistance. We are here to help you.

Think Civility in the Library

library guidelines - link to readable pdf

Think Civility in the Library - MSMU


Food and Drink Policy


The MSMU Libraries policies allow library users to have limited access to food and drink.
Please respect the following guidelines:

  • Beverage containers must have tops or lids (coffee cups with lids, twist top bottles, travel mugs).
  • Do not bring in greasy, sticky, crumbly, or aromatic foods.
  • Use care when consuming food and drink while using computers and library materials.
  • Dispose of food and drink containers in trash bins or recycling bins. Preferably, use trash bins located outside of the buildings when possible.
  • Food residue attracts insects and rodents — Alert library staff about any spills or messes.
  • Individuals failing to comply with these guidelines may be asked to leave the library.
  • Some library locations, such as Archives & Special Collections, have unique or at-risk resources and may have additional food and drink restrictions.
  • The MSMU Libraries reserve the right to suspend these guidelines for special library events.

Please consult with library staff if you have any questions.


Cell Phone Policy


The MSMU Libraries policies allow library users to use their phones in the libraries.
Please respect the following guidelines:

  • Please keep your cell phones on silent at all times when in the library.
  • Please take all phone conversations outside or to an unoccupied group study room.
  • If you are using your phone to listen to music or videos, please make sure that your headphones or earbuds are completely plugged-in, and that the level of noise is not loud enough to disturb people nearby.

Please consult with library staff if you have any questions.


Group Study Room Policy


The MSMU Libraries policies allow library users to make reservations for group study rooms in the libraries.
Please respect the following guidelines:

Making a Reservation

  • All current students should make room reservations online. 
  • Room reservations are first-come, first-serve.
  • Study room reservations are available up to 1 week in advance.
  • Students may select a time slot and submit reservation using the online calendar Reserve a Study Room.
  • Students who make the room reservations must check their email and click the confirmation link to confirm their reservation within 1 day. To cancel a reservation, students may use the link provided in their room confirmation email.


  • Students seeking to reserve a room must be current MSMU students, be in a group of two or more, and possess a current MSMU ID.
  • Rooms cannot be reserved or held by a single user for any amount of time. Parties of one are asked to make use of other various seating areas throughout the library.

Room Reservation Policy

  • Reservations made by groups who are more than 15 minutes late will be forfeited to any other groups who are waiting for a room.
  • All rooms may be used for no longer than two hours per group, per day.
  • Groups may not extend a room reservation beyond 2 hours. However, they may stay in a room until another group with a valid reservation arrives.
  • Groups must be present in the room during the entire reservation. Any materials left abandoned for lengthy periods of time may result in a forfeiture of the room.
  • Groups must be prepared to vacate the rooms at the end of the reserved time.
  • Rooms may be reserved for use only during the libraries' regular open hours.
  • All rooms must be completely vacated 5 minutes before library closing.

Additional Room Guidelines

  • Students are responsible for the room and its contents.
  • The MSMU Libraries are not responsible for personal belongings; never leave belongings unattended in study rooms.
  • Study rooms are not soundproof; users should be courteous to other library patrons and maintain a respectful noise level.
  • All library policies (including those dealing with food, drink, and noise levels) apply to study rooms.
  • Rooms must be left in good order for the next group; please throw out all trash.

Maximum room capacity is determined by fire and safety regulations and may not be exceeded at any time.

Thank you for your cooperation and your help in making the library a respectful learning environment.

Please consult with library staff if you have any questions.


Computing and Technology Resources Policy


Acceptable use of MSMU Libraries' Computing and Technology Resources

When using MSMU's computer resources, individuals must comply with the rules and policies outlined in MSMU's Acceptable Use Policy. Library computers are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Occasionally, library computers may be reserved for testing. Electronic resources licensed by the library must only be used for non-commercial, educational, or personal research purposes.


Library Materials, Fines, and Replacement Policies

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Policy


General ILL Policy

The MSMU Libraries’ Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service enables MSMU students, faculty, and staff to borrow materials not available in MSMU libraries. You do not need to specify where the materials should come from; MSMU library staff will automatically search for availability in other libraries.


The service is free to eligible borrowers:
  • MSMU students
  • MSMU faculty and staff members

ILL Request Form

ILL Materials Request


Delivery of ILL Materials

  • Short Works: When possible, articles, book chapters, and other short works will be scanned and emailed directly to your MSMU email address.
  • Long Works: Longer works, such as books, DVDs, and whole journals, will be physically mailed to MSMU. Upon their arrival, you will be notified via your MSMU email. The ILL materials will then be available for you to check out at the circulation desk at the campus you originally selected.

Items That Can Be Requested

  • Items not owned by MSMU libraries
  • Items that are unavailable (checked-out) at MSMU libraries (this may exclude some course reserves)
  • Items missing from MSMU libraries
  • Items at MSMU libraries that can no longer circulate because of their fragile condition

Items That Cannot Be Requested

  • Some textbooks and course reserves may not be available from other libraries
  • Non-circulating items (Items that do not circulate from other libraries may include: special collections materials, reference materials, encyclopedias, dictionaries, workbooks, etc.)

Items That May Be Difficult to Obtain

  • Entire journal volumes or issues
  • Titles only owned at one institution
  • ePub/articles ahead of print dates (pre-publication materials)


Fines Policy


General Fines Notes

  • To avoid overdue fines, items should be returned by 11:59 PM on the due date.
  • Overdue fines will only be accrued when the library is open.
  • Hourly reserve items that are checked out less than 2 hours before the library closes will be due 2 hours after the library opens the next day.
  • Items on hold will be held at the circulation desk for 14 days.
  • For interlibrary loan () books, the due dates, fines, and replacement fees are set by the lending institution.

Lost Materials Replacement Fees

General MSMU Item Replacement Fee:
Processing Fee (per item): $10

  • If a lost item costs more than $35 to replace, the patron will be charged the amount it costs the library to replace the item.
  • The patron will be charged a $10 processing fee for any lost or replaced items.
  • Patrons may supply a replacement copy, but please consult with a library staff member before purchasing an item to replace a lost copy.
  • Only approved replacement copies will be accepted in lieu of the replacement fee. A $10 non-refundable processing fee of $10 will still apply.

LINK+ Replacement Fee: $115

Borrower privileges may be suspended for reasons including, but not limited to, failing to return materials, returning damaged materials, and not paying fines.


View Fines Table

Donation Policies


MSMU Libraries Gift Policy



Revised June 2018

The MSMU Libraries are grateful for our donors’ generosity and welcome monetary donations as well as gifts-in-kind. Monetary donations help us purchase new materials for the collections, update technology, expand teaching and learning services to students, and renovate library spaces. To make a monetary contribution, visit the Give to the Mount donation form and designate “Libraries” for your donation.   

Gifts-in-kind, e.g., books, must meet the same guidelines as required for materials purchased by the Libraries to be added to the collection. Before acceptance, a librarian will review the materials to determine if the content falls within the scope of the Libraries’ collection policies. Accepted materials become the property of the University. The Libraries reserve the right to determine their retention, location, cataloging treatment, and other considerations related to their use or disposition. The Libraries do not accept materials in poor physical condition (e.g., stained, marked, damaged, signs of infestation).  

The Libraries invite Mount Alums to submit a copy of their authored book(s) and other published works for inclusion in the Alumni Authors Collection.

Material gifts to the Libraries are considered non-cash charitable donations. Due to legal restrictions, the Libraries are unable to provide appraisals or evaluations of donated gift items for income tax or IRS purposes. Donors desiring or requiring an appraisal should arrange for an external, independent, certified professional appraisal before donating and are encouraged to consult with their income tax advisor. The Libraries will provide donors with a written acknowledgment of gifts accepted.

Further inquiries can be directed to Danielle Salomon, Director of Libraries,, or Stephanie Cubba, MSMU Office of Institutional Advancement, at

Gift Books


Gift books are accepted on a case-by-case basis. Please call or email before dropping off gift books. Please also review our gift policy above or contact Danielle Salomon.


Special Collections & Archival Materials


If you wish to donate rare or MSMU-related items to the Special Collections department, please contact Victoria McCargar.


Other Donations


All other donations (monetary, naming opportunities, etc.) should be referred to Institutional Advancement or the Give to the Mount page.

See Libraries - Giving for instructions on how to donate directly to the libraries.